REVA Operation Center Supervisor – Night Shift

Job Position: REVA Operation Center Supervisor - Night Shift

Job Type: Full Time

Job Location: Fort Lauderdale, FL (HDQ)

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ROC Supervisor

The ROC Supervisor is responsible for supervising day-to-day operations of Dispatch and Customer Service Departments during their scheduled shift and after hours on call. They must be able to train and motivate subordinates in an efficient team environment. Maintain excellent communication skills and ability to interact successfully with various departments and airport personnel.


Essential Responsibilities: 

  • Set performance expectations and conduct performance management evaluations.
  • Conduct daily staff meetings, and ensures resolution to all issues brought up at such sessions.
  • Manage department work schedules, time off, and provide after hour’s assistance to subordinates.
  • Assist ROC Manager in Recruiting, training, and motivating staff to ensure department operates at maximum efficiency.



  • Responsible for dispatcher workflow to ensure all flights are checked, monitored analyzed for weather conditions over regular and alternate routes.
  • Ensure flight dispatchers and coordinators comply with all Government, FAA Part 135, and Company regulations and procedures such as coverage of all individual flight planning, releases, aircraft routing, flight monitoring, weather, and operation advisory service duties.
  • Ensure Dispatchers provide all Pilots in Command with available information of meteorological conditions including adverse weather phenomena, such as clear air turbulence, thunderstorms, low-level wind shear, and irregularities of facilities and services, which may affect the safety of the flight.
  • Maintain system for generating dispatch release including flight plan, weather briefing and runway analysis.
  • Maintain all related databases including company routes (ATC coordination) and alternate airports.
  • Provide management with reports of irregular operations that are related to dispatch.
  • Maintain dispatcher qualification and perform Dispatcher duties when workload requires it.
  • Participate in charter coordination with regard to dispatch operations.
  • Recommend changes to the Flight Operations Manual and Dispatch Operations Manual and Operations Specifications.


Customer Service

  • Direct customer service staff in receiving requests for air ambulance service, understanding patient’s medical condition, direct quoting, insurance authorization, flight route planning, fueling, and receipt of payment.
  • Facilitate daily department task allocation, prioritize, monitor task completion, and act as a resource to help Customer Service Coordinators resolve issues as efficiently as possible.
  • Responsible for business and customer service oversight with the overall objective of increasing transport volume and ensuring a high level of customer satisfaction.
  • Set the customer service tone by communicating values and approaches, ultimately significantly shaping the company culture.
  • Produce routine sales reports via SalesForce
  • In conjunction with ROC Manager, the supervisor must Monitor employee and company sales goals and provide weekly reports to team and management.


  • 2 years experience in customer service / case management
  • 5 years supervisory experience or equivalent.
  • Bachelor’s degree in aviation management, business administration healthcare, or a related field preferred.
  • Demonstrated ability to teach less skilled professionals to reach their optimum competencies.
  • Experience in operational planning and resource allocation.
  • Experience of Health and Safety management a plus
  • Must be willing to relocate to Fort Lauderdale, FL

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