Natalie S. Berman, EdD

I knew that we were in the hands of professionals.
The nurses, Ali (PM) and Suzi (RN), were the most competent individuals I have ever met in a medical situation…. The pilots, Mr. Madge and Mr. Henn, were so courteous to me and took care of all of the details of passports, carry on luggage, safety requirements, etc…. Thank you for commanding such a wonderful organization. We were blessed to be with your employees that evening.

Air Ambulance Professionals

Two titans of the medical transportation industry are now one. Aero Jet International and Air Ambulance Professionals have merged to form REVA, a new leader in air ambulance services. Why REVA? REVA translates to “one that moves.” It is our sole mission to ensure you receive the highest level of medical care while being transported.


Are there patients REVA is not able to help?

While we have a history of providing care to the vast majority of patients that contact us, there are a few exceptions. We are unable to care for high-risk obstetric patients, or patients with SARS, Avian Flu, active tuberculosis.

May we bring luggage on board?

Due to size and weight limitations on our specialized aircraft, passengers are able to bring only one carry-on sized piece of luggage per person. If you have more than one bag, we will help you make alternative arrangements for your … Read More