Medical Assistance

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When you need medical assistance while abroad, you can count on your ARREVA Advantage membership to help you find appropriate medical services and facilities to take care of your needs. We offer medical concierge assistance, so you're never alone during your travels when trying to find quality health care abroad. 

Our medical concierge assistance services will help you take care of your health, whether you need a prescription drug replacement or an emergency air ambulance.

Learn about all the services we provide through our medical concierge assistance. 

About Our Medical Assistance Services

We'll ensure you receive the best health care while traveling. Whenever you need to set up an appointment or return home with a medical issue, we'll help you find the best doctors and get home safely. Our medical concierges will help you with a wide range of services.

Locate the Nearest Suitable Medical Facility

When you feel sick and need medical assistance, you can count on us to help you find the best and closest medical facility in your area so you can quickly receive help. 

Arrange Doctor Appointments, Ambulance and Hospital Admissions

Our medical concierges can arrange your medical appointments, ambulance rides and hospital admissions to save you time and trouble when you're unwell or in pain.

Referrals to Local Medical and Dental Service

If you need non-emergency dental or medical services, we'll research local practices and refer them to you. We'll ensure you have the best and most affordable options so you can receive proper care for your dental and medical health.

Prescription Drug Replacement

When you take regular prescription drugs to help you stay healthy or recover from an illness, we can coordinate your replacements so you receive them promptly.

Replacement of Eyeglasses, Contact Lenses and Dental Appliances

Whether you need more contacts or have lost your glasses or retainer, we can work with you and providers to ensure you get replacements. You can count on us to find places where you can get suitable replacements. We will also handle the insurance process.

Provide Medical and Non-Medical Escorts and Equipment, Including Portable Oxygen

If you're ill or injured and need a medical escort, we can make arrangements to provide you with one. A medical or non-medical escort ensures you get to your destinations quickly and with proper support. We'll promptly respond to inquiries to begin setting up the transportation plan.

Arrange for the Return of Mortal Remains

When you're abroad or have family abroad when an unfortunate incident happens, ensuring the remains return to the family can bring peace of mind. We'll arrange services so the deceased's remains travel home.

Return Travel Assistance for Dependent/Minor Children

When you have dependent or minor children abroad who need help getting home, we'll provide travel assistance to ensure they depart and arrive safely.

Coordination of Travel for Visitors to Bedside

If you need to fly visitors to a patient's bedside so they show support or say their last goodbyes, we'll help you get them there. We can coordinate flight travel for visitors.

Obtain Medical Reports and Hospital Records

Our medical concierges will obtain your medical reports and hospital records. 

Coordinate Emergency Air Ambulance Evacuations

Whenever there's an emergency and you need a medical air ambulance, we'll arrange emergency air evacuations. Our ambulance teams have years of experience and training to assist medical emergencies during air transportation.

Arrange for the Customer’s Return to Their Country of Residence

We'll help you return home with our private charter planes.

Facilitate Guarantee of the Hospital or Medical Bills

While you focus on recovering, we'll ensure the hospital or medical bills are correct and properly received.

Medical Transportation

Helping you receive the medical assistance you need or desire is our priority. We'll arrange medical transportation in the air and on the ground to help you get to your destination.

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Benefits of Having Medical Concierge Services

Having medical concierge services provides significant benefits for your overall health and well-being. You'll receive personalized medical care from people who ensure you have access to excellent health care, whatever your location. When you work with the ARREVA's medical concierge team, your health is our priority.

Benefits of having medical concierge services include:

  • More access to doctor care and appointments.
  • Personalized health care plan to fit your needs.
  • 24/7 assistance with medical emergencies.

Work With a ARREVA Advantage Medical Concierge

Whenever you have a medical need, whether it's an eyeglasses replacement or medical emergency, the ARREVA team can help. Our medical concierge assistance program will help you every step of the way, from arranging appointments to ensuring you receive proper medical attention for an illness or injury.

Experience working with a qualified medical concierge when you become an ARREVA Advantage Member today!