Does Travel Insurance Cover Adventure Travel?

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Whether you’re planning the ski trip of a lifetime or want to explore the sights on foot with a backpacking adventure, it’s essential to have protection if an accident occurs. Nearly all travel insurance plans do not cover extreme sports and adventure activities due to increased liability. This lack of coverage means you could be paying for your medical bills out of pocket if you partake in an activity and get hurt.

While you can get adventure travel insurance specifically for your activities, these plans often feature high rates. ARREVA Advantage offers comprehensive coverage without the high prices for added protection and peace of mind so you can continue enjoying your vacation to the fullest extent.

What Is Adventure Travel?

As travelers seek new and exciting travel experiences, adventure tourism or tourist activities involving physical activity or a cultural exchange continue rising in popularity. While activities such as base jumping and scuba diving qualify as adventure tourism, you do not have to participate in dangerous behavior to be an adventure tourist. Some examples of adventure activities include:

  • Day hiking
  • Backpacking
  • Zip lining
  • Climbing
  • Completing a ropes course
  • Rafting
  • Mountain biking
  • Skiing
  • Snowboarding

Tips for Insuring Your Adventure Travel

Regardless of how expensive your trip is, it’s essential to invest in coverage for your activities. Purchasing coverage can minimize financial risks and allow you to enjoy your activities while knowing you have protection for a possible accident or other unforeseen circumstance. Here are some tips to keep in mind when finding coverage for your next adventure travel trip:

1. You May Need Extra Coverage for Your Equipment

If you own sporting equipment, you know how much you’ve invested into your tools and accessories. Baggage coverage often has per-item limits, meaning that if you are taking equipment such as your buoyancy compensator vest for a SCUBA trip, you may want to look into extra protection.

2. Your Cruise Insurance Will Not Provide Protection

While a cruise line may offer SCUBA diving as an activity for passengers, a cruise insurance plan will not provide coverage if you’re stung by a jellyfish or experience other injuries. With only cruise insurance in place, you can receive medical attention on the ship after an accident or injury, but you will have to pay the additional charges out of pocket at the end of the cruise.

3. Ensure You Have Medical Evacuation Coverage

If the travel activity you are participating in suddenly goes awry, you want to be sure you have coverage for transportation to your chosen hospital. Most travel insurance plans will only transport policyholders to the closest hospital and have the travelers arrange any transfers or flights back home. Medical evacuation coverage will ensure you have assistance arranging, coordinating and paying for your safe evacuation.

Experience Robust Coverage With an ARREVA Advantage Membership

At ARREVA, we offer comprehensive travel membership programs that include coverage for adventure travel. We offer three membership options so travelers can choose a plan that best fits their protection needs. Some of the services we provide for members include:

Become an ARREVA Member Today

If you’re looking for affordable adventure travel protection, ARREVA has you covered. In addition to excellent coverage, all members have access to our 24/7 assistance lines to receive additional support — from pre-trip to when you arrive home. Learn more about our adventure travel membership options today.