Fort Lauderdale, Fla. – REVA’s medical director, Dr. David A. Farcy, was activated for Hurricane Matthew response as part of the Florida International University-Florida Advanced Surgical & Transport (FIU-FAST) team on the evening of October 8th, 2016. Dr. Farcy, who served as a medical technician in the US Air Force, reported early Sunday to Halifax Hospital in Daytona, Florida.

After equipment-setup completion and then an hour of logistics and medical credentialing, the FIU-FAST team was ready to assist with the Hurricane Matthew emergency response. FIU-FAST team is a critical-care transport team that is part of the State of Florida, State Medical Response System. The SMRS is designed to provide expert medical care and medical “surge” in a disaster.

Dr. David Farcy, REVA, Inc Air Ambulance. Medical Director Deployed for Hurricane Matthew Response

“At first, we were sent on first-aid,” Dr. Farcy said, “but once the FIU-FAST team clarified our capacity with the Halifax Hospital team, we started seeing e/m level 3 to e/m level 5 patients.” “E/m level 3” is a term meaning moderately severe care for hospital consults, while “e/m level 5” refers to the highest severity.

Dr. Farcy, REVA, Inc Air Ambulance. Medical Director Deployed for Hurricane Matthew Response

“The first patient I saw had been waiting over 17 hours,” Dr. Farcy said. “I had great help coordinating patient flow and treatment.” FIU-FAST team saw a high volume of patients both Sunday and Monday. Dr. Farcy noted, “On the third and fourth days, the volume of patients drastically reduced as the power was restored and other closed hospitals re-opened.”


“We all worked as a team,” Dr. Farcy said, “and the Halifax Hospital emergency department chair and staff were extremely grateful with our service, level of professionalism, dedication and expertise. It was an honor for me to represent the FIU-FAST team in providing disaster relief.”


Dr. David Farcy, Chairman of the Department of Emergency Medicine and Medical Director of the Surgical Mount Sinai Medical Center in Miami Beach, is one of the FIU-FAST team senior clinical staff. Dr. Farcy is currently president-elect of the American Academy of Emergency Medicine (AAEM) and will serve as president in 2018-2020. He joined REVA’s air ambulance corps as medical director last November.

Official PDF: REVA, Inc. Medical Director Deployed for Hurricane Matthew Response

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