Fort Lauderdale, Fla. – Santa Cruz de la Sierra in Bolivia, one of the fastest-growing cities in the world and with growth’s inherent healthcare issues, on April 5th awarded REVA, Inc.’s Medical Director, Dr. David A. Farcy, their Distinguished Visitor Recognition award for providing his expertise in critical care emergency medicine to promote and develop the local health system for the benefit of its citizens.

REVA’s Air Ambulance Medical Director’s Expertise Helps Bolivian Community Improve Healthcare

“It is an honor to have been asked to work with the medical community of Santa Cruz de la Sierra, and I thank the municipality authorities for this recognition and the insignia with the Shield of Santa Cruz that represents it,” commented Dr. Farcy.

The Distinguished Visitor Recognition award is given to individuals who provide their expertise to the municipal system of Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia, to improve medical care, with focus on operational efficiency, medical training and administration of healthcare, by analyzing problem areas and identifying actions that will improve the level of care in the area.

Official PDF: REVA – Press Release – Farcy Award in Bolivia – 20170413

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