REVA safety initiatives include a safety-awareness campaign and emergency drills & fire training for every employee. Our staff also performs daily hangar safety and FOD walks. REVA’s safety committee meets on a monthly basis to review safety management systems.

Air Ambulance Safety Initiatives


REVA currently has the following safety initiatives:

Employee Safety Awareness

There is a dedicated safety theme every month with the corresponding banner hanging inside the hangar for all employees to see. As an integral part of our proactive safety management, we schedule certain days each month to participate in that month’s safety theme.

For a list of our safety themes click here.

Hangar Safety and FOD Walks

Every morning line maintenance and Flight Operations Management conducts a Foreign Object Damage (FOD) walk through the hangar and across the flight prep areas in search of debris that could harm personnel and aircraft.

Emergency Drill Training

Every year REVA conducts at least 5 classes on Crew Resource Management, Survival Training and a live aircraft-ditching drill in a stadium sized pool. During these drills, a life raft is deployed, survival-kit contents are displayed and crews are expected to complete the exercise while wearing life vests and erecting the canopy.

Fire Safety

An annual fire-safety and fire extinguisher training event is conducted with all employees.

Safety Committee

A committee meets monthly to discuss how the safety management system is working, review statistics, review forecast models, and discuss future regulatory changes.

Project Revalizer

The Revalizer is a safety tool which analyzes the aviation- and medical-department’s safety risk values and, safety reports to calculate an overall risk number.

View our presentation: REVA Air Ambulance Safety Management System.

When safety reports are generated, they are inserted into the analyzer and each is given a weight so it can be calculated as part of the safety number.

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