We take the business of air medical transportation very seriously. Every aircraft is accredited by EURAMI, NAAMTA, ARGUS, and the International Assistance Group (industry governing bodies) as exceeding the standard level of safety in our industry for professional medical transport.

That means you and your loved one will fly on meticulously-maintained aircraft that are continually evaluated, upgraded and inspected for safety compliance.

The safety of patients as well as our flight crew during air-medical transportation is paramount, and we will always take every step necessary to ensure the safety of both

REVA’s Mature Safety-Management Program (SMS)

Safety starts with each individual, and is maintained through analysis and continuous improvement.  REVA’s dedicated Director of Safety on a daily basis generates safety initiatives, implements the SMS including Project Revalizer which is an analysis tool and report generator that enables us to act proactively to maintain an outstanding safety record, and leads the Quality Assurance team which actively meets to review flight and medical-risk factors and determine actions for continuous improvement.


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