REVA is a team of highly-experienced and well-trained professionals dedicated to helping those sick or injured fly home comfortably, safely, and efficiently so they can feel better.

Whether one is simply in need of a medical companion on a commercial flight, or needs the highest level of critical care on a private air ambulance, REVA is staffed and resourced to meet those needs.

REVA, Inc. is positioned to lead with the most experienced team in the medical transport industry.

With over 300 employees and several bases strategically placed around the US, REVA is one of the leading air-medical-transport services in the Americas. We have over 25,000 combined successful missions (patient transports) world-wide. In addition to holding FAA approval to fly throughout the Americas, REVA’s extensive direct geographic reach is enabled with specific permits to fly in and out of Aruba, Bahamas, Barbados, Bermuda, Canada, Cuba, French Territories, GTMO, Honduras, and Mexico. Working with fully-accredited industry partners, our reach is throughout the world.

REVA is fully accredited by four top independent organizations to operate fixed-wing, medically-equipped jets used to transport ill or injured patients anywhere in the world. REVA works with insurance and travel assistance companies, as well as intrepid travelers and their families with the sole mission of getting patients home so they can get better.

Fly home. Feel better.

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