Falling Ill While in Russia — What You Need to Know

Russia is a sprawling country with beautiful countryside and historic cities to explore and enjoy. People travel from all over the world to visit Russia for pleasure and business. But life happens, and that means you could find yourself needing to visit a hospital on your trip abroad to Russia. When your health is at stake, you may be unable to wait for your return trip home to receive medical attention. 

Needing a hospital while traveling is the last thing anyone wants to experience. But when it happens, it’s important to remain calm. Russia contains many hospitals that are ready to serve you, even though you’re from another country. Use this article to take the next step toward getting the help you need, including finding English-speaking hospitals in Russia. 

Why Might You Need to Visit a Russian Hospital?

During your trip to Russia, you may experience an unplanned medical event that would require you to go to a hospital. Even when you’re in unfamiliar territory, getting the medical attention you need is paramount to your wellbeing. Always seek medical attention when the situation calls for it, whether you’re at home or abroad. 

Here are some common examples of reasons why you might need to visit a Russian hospital during your travels:

  • Falls: Falling while abroad can be serious, especially if you happen to break a bone or hurt yourself in some other way. It may be easier to get help if you fall in a city, but make sure you are careful if you’re hiking or walking somewhere more remote. 
  • Motor vehicle accidents: Whether you’re driving or a passenger, motor vehicle accidents can lead to injuries. Consider visiting a hospital after a motor vehicle accident, even if you feel little to no pain initially. Your pain sensation may be delayed until the adrenaline wears off. 
  • Chronic or severe health issues: If you suffer from chronic illnesses, then you should have a plan in case your symptoms intensify or worsen while you’re abroad. Some chronic illnesses are more severe than others, so know what kind of help you’ll need should symptoms arise while you’re on your trip to Russia. 
  • Unexpected illnesses: Unexpected illnesses include catching an infectious disease or suffering from food poisoning. These events can be random but often require medical attention. 
  • Significant health emergencies: These events may include heart attacks, difficulty breathing or other sudden, serious conditions. 
  • Accidents in remote areas: Russia has vast areas of rural land. Falling ill or becoming injured in these areas could put you at a great distance from the nearest hospital. In these instances, you may require medical air travel. 
  • Civil unrest: It’s hard to know the exact political climate of an area when you’re traveling abroad. If you find yourself in a situation involving civil unrest or violence, you should seek to get home as soon as possible. But if an injury occurs, you may need initial medical attention first. 

Factors to Consider in a Russian Hospital

When you’re visiting Russia, you may be hundreds or thousands of miles away from your home doctor. Your medical experience is going to be a lot different than simply picking up the phone, scheduling an appointment and having everything else fall into place. You’ll have to keep the following considerations in mind when it comes to Russian hospitals:

  • Costs: You’re responsible for paying your own overseas medical costs. Most Russian hospitals will provide emergency medical services even if you are unable to pay upfront, but they will bill you for the full amount upon completion of services. Understand your insurance situation before taking your trip to Russia and consider opening a policy that will cover medical costs should you fall ill while abroad. 
  • Language barriers: You may face language barriers when seeking the services of a Russian hospital. You’ll be able to find an English-speaking clinic in Moscow, St. Petersburg or some other major Russian city. It would be wise to research these options before traveling. 
  • The severity of your needs: Your immediate needs will dictate where you seek service. A simple clinic may suffice for a checkup, vaccination or other types of low-impact services. But more severe needs may require an emergency room visit or the services of a specialty doctor. 

International Hospitals in Russia

The good news is that international hospitals in Russia exist to help travelers in their times of need. Here is a list of a few options to get you started:

  • American Medical Clinic: For an American medical clinic in St. Petersburg, Russia, the American Medical Clinic is a great option. It was founded in 1993 with support from the United States Consulate and specializes in aiding foreigners and St. Petersburg residents alike. 
  • American Medical Center of Moscow: This is a 24/7 urgent care clinic located in Moscow, the capital of Russia. They offer a wide range of services, including consultations, pediatrics, gynecology and over a dozen other specialty services. 
  • European Medical Center: Located in Moscow, the European Medical Center offers a wide range of services, 24 hours per day. 

How REVA Can Help

REVA can help if you sustain an injury or illness while visiting Russia and want to get back home. Our reach is international, with over 350 specially trained employees across 70 countries. If you need a medical flight back home from Russia, we’re the answer you’ve been looking for. 

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  • Call: We receive a call from the patient or caregiver asking for medical transport.
  • Confirm: We set up every aspect of the transportation, including documentation, flight and medical crews, and ground transportation when needed. 
  • Complete: We bring the patient to their destination, providing the care they need every step of the way. 

When you’re ready to fly back home safely after suffering an illness or injury while in Russia, choose REVA for the best service available. 

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