Safe. Efficient. Compassionate Air Ambulance Service

REVA's mission is to provide the safe, compassionate and efficient air ambulance services our clients need as they travel across the country or overseas. Our goal is to help you fly home and feel better without any stress or worry, especially when it comes to insurance. 

REVA has the knowledge and know-how to guide our clients through the insurance reimbursement process step by step. We work closely with respective payors to remove any financial barriers that may come between our clients and the care they deserve.

We Accept All Major Providers

REVA is the proud in-network provider of air medical transportation services for Medicare, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Florida®, and Humana®. REVA works closely with all major group health carriers to determine coverage and identify benefits and/or exclusions. Our relationships – in and out of network – allow us to smoothly navigate the health-care reimbursement marketplace. From preauthorizations to confirmation of coverage to appealing denials, we work with you to find the best payment solutions. You never have to wonder "does my insurance cover medevac?"

blue cross blue shield does cover air ambulance

“When your life or that of your loved one is on the line and emergency care is necessary, REVA, Inc will ensure that medical transport is available in the most compassionate way by dispatching and activating a flight in the most urgent manner.  The industry partners we utilize assure care and medical services can be provided in the most expeditious and timely manner.”

Dr. Frantz E. Colin is an accomplished medical professional and community leader with 13 years of progressive responsibility and leadership experience in the field. In his current role on the RCM team, Dr. Colin is the Director of Utilization Review - performing medical review activities pertaining to utilization review, and quality assurance, and focuses on patient advocacy

How REVA Can Help You With Insurance

If you or a loved one has a medical emergency that requires an air ambulance, the last thing you want to think about is navigating insurance to pay for essential care. When you work with REVA, you can rest easy knowing our team will handle insurance for you through our in-house Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) Team. We are dedicated to ensuring the success and reimbursement of your submitted claims so you or your loved one can receive the care you need and deserve.

Our RCM Team will do the work for you by:

  • Verifying your insurance benefits.
  • Providing you with all your financial options.
  • Utilizing an on-staff physician to request pre-authorizations if necessary.
  • Preparing insurance claims after completing service.
  • Following claims until the payment is processed.
  • Reviewing and appealing a denial of service.
  • Offering legal representation to manage your claim rights.

REVA has various contracts with insurance companies in the United States and globally. With REVA going in-network and as a participating provider with Humana and Blue Cross Blue Shield of Florida, our RCM team is able to determine and verify your insurance coverage, prepare the documents and manage the entire reimbursement process. We are experienced in understating your most complex insurance needs, guiding you step by step so that you can focus on getting home and feeling better.

Our REVA team members are here to determine if your insurance covers medevacImage


Dealing with the insurance system can be daunting. REVA relieves our clients of that burden so you can fly home and feel better. With REVA, you don't have to worry if medevac is covered by insurance.


REVA's Experts Work for You, Not the Insurance Company

At REVA, our clients and their comfort are our main priorities, so you can trust us to take care of you every step of the way. From the moment you call to the time you reach your destination, REVA handles everything with precision, compassion and care, including your insurance concerns. We are here as your advocate and medical care expert.

REVA partners with patients, families and loved ones to navigate the insurance process and possible challenges. We provide you with the opportunity to speak to a physician who will be your personal advocate from the initial call to your arrival at your destination. Whenever you or a loved one requires emergency medical care, it can be a scary time. We are ready to assist so you can concentrate on other important aspects of your medical transport.

In addition to our insurance capabilities, REVA offers many benefits to create a smooth and comfortable bedside-to-bedside, worldwide, white-glove medical transport service. We will meet each of your needs with empathy and understanding. When you work with REVA, you and your loved ones will enjoy:

  • Dedicated aircraft: We have an extensive fleet of air ambulance aircraft that are tailored to your needs so you can enjoy a comfortable, safe and efficient flight to your destination.
  • Expert personnel: Our flight, ground and medical crews are professional teams with thousands of hours of air ambulance experience, ensuring your safety and comfort throughout your medical transport experience.
  • Thorough coordination: Our Flight Nurse Case Managers and attending physicians will coordinate details and cater every aspect of your flight to your unique situation, ensuring you can travel in comfort and security.

Frequently Asked Insurance Questions

To qualify for air ambulance services through your travel insurance, you must have approval from your insurance company — even if your doctor has already recommended the service. If the travel insurance agency doesn't approve the recommendation from your doctor, you will not have coverage for transport. At REVA, we'll handle the entire insurance process for you so you can focus on getting the care you need. We can work with any insurance company in the United States or across the globe, and we'll help you get approval faster so you don't need to worry about not having coverage for your care.

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