Hospital Partnerships

Save lives together with the best air ambulance service. At REVA, we transport high-need, high-value patients to your hospital to drive revenue and give each patient the highest quality of medical care they require. Let's be partners in premier medical care for patients across the world.

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Seamless Patient Care Between Medical Partners

REVA works hand in hand with various partners, including domestic hospitals. Our partnership with hospitals is one that's rooted in our mission to offer safe, efficient and compassionate air ambulance transfer to our clients. Choose us as your medical air transfer provider and benefit from the following:


Faster patient transfers

Medical evacuation by our air ambulance services streamlines the overall transport process, from rapid access to critical care during transit. We fly straight from one point to your hospital, minimizing time constraints like road closures and traffic. 


Better access to specialized care

We work with hospitals from 70 countries and counting. Each REVA aircraft comes with a medical team, including a flight nurse, doctor, paramedics and respiratory therapists, to provide high-quality medical assistance to each patient.


Improved patient outcomes

With faster response time and comprehensive medical attention, our air transport for patients plays a significant role in patient results and recovery. Beyond professional care, we treat every patient with compassion and offer comfort to ensure complete care. 


Increased hospital revenue

Drive a new revenue stream for your hospital with REVA. Our partnership creates a smooth transition between medical teams, streamlining the entire process of getting new patients into your hospital. 


Cut down geographic barriers

REVA's global reach allows us to get to patients in challenging locations. We provide timely treatments to patients all over the world, allowing your hospital to overcome geographical barriers. 

Our Partnership With Major Insurance Providers

As a trusted in-network provider of air ambulance services for top insurance providers, we optimize the overall healthcare reimbursement process. We accept all major insurance partners like Medicare, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Florida and Humana. Our solid knowledge of the process allows us to coordinate directly with respective payors and eliminate financial barriers between our clients and your hospital. 

We have a dedicated Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) to handle the insurance and work closely with you and the insurance provider to ensure the success of submitted claims. Our RCM Team streamlines insurance procedures by:

  • Validating insurance coverage and benefits.
  • Coordinating with clients and providers for financial options.
  • Preparing claims after completion of a medical service.
  • Making a follow-up on claims to ensure payment processing.
  • Verifying and making appeals on a denial of service.
  • Providing legal assistance for your claim rights.

Premier Air Ambulance Provider for Hospitals

Partnering with domestic hospitals is part of our commitment to provide the highest quality medical attention to every patient in our care. The REVA process includes coordinating with medical teams and domestic hospitals to offer our patients the most appropriate medical assistance. 

Along with streamlined medical transfers, we at REVA continue to bring excellence in safety and service. Rely on us for the highest quality, safest air transportation with our unique capabilities, such as:

  • Dedicated aircraft: We have an extensive fleet of air ambulance aircraft designed to transport patients from one point to another. We custom-fit a REVA aircraft to cater to different medical needs, both emergency and non-emergency. Each unit is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment to provide the best care to our patients.
  • Extensive years of experience: REVA brings optimal patient transport and care for both domestic and international needs. Over the years, we've had more than 33,000 missions worldwide. Whether it's an emergency medical evacuation on a cruise or in a remote destination, trust us to do the medical transport expertly and comfortably. 
  • Medical experts: Count on our team of trained medical professionals to deliver the best experience for your hospital and our patients. We ensure elite supervision of every patient under our care for better patient outcomes. 
  • Flexible partnership: We are experts in air medical transport who understand the different needs of our partners. Our flexible partnership allows us to provide the best coverage for your hospital requirements. 
  • Remarkable recognitions: When it comes to the best air ambulance partners, REVA stands out in the competition, serving patients for more than 30 years. Independent agencies and government bodies have recognized us as a reliable medical air ambulance provider.