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REVA sets the industry standard in providing the highest level of experienced medical professionals on all air-ambulance transports. Each crew is fully trained, fully prepared and fully dedicated to each client.

Experienced & Trusted Critical Care Air Ambulance Professionals

What sets REVA apart from our competitors? Our medical staff is simply better at what they do. Our staff of over 250 full-time and contracted medical professionals leaves nothing to chance. Our ongoing, mandatory training regimen means every client we transport receives the best care with the latest medical techniques and equipment.



Our medical professionals collectively have accumulated thousands of hours of experience in air-ambulance transport, critical care and emergency room response.


REVA’s medical team is staffed by highly qualified specialists in emergency care, including flight doctors, registered nurses, critical-care paramedics and registered respiratory therapists.


Intensive Care Unit, Cardiac Care Unit and Advanced Cardiac Life Support, Emergency Department Basic and Pediatric Life Support, Neonatal Resuscitation, Prehospital Trauma Life Support

“It is the sacred responsibility of every REVA medical professional to provide the finest care to our clients.”


Medical Director

David A, Farcy is one of the preeminent physicians in the highly specialized field of emergency care and critical-care medicine. Dr. Farcy, who joined REVA as its medical director in 2015, is the senior editor of Critical Care Emergency Medicine, which means he has literally written the book on emergency-care.


REVA’s medical staff has the knowledge and expertise to provide excellent care to every client.


REVA Medical Director Dr. David A. Farcy is a distinguished physician has been recognized internationally for his contributions to the field.


REVA requires its medical staff to take part in regularly scheduled training. REVA requires training and education that is ongoing on a daily basis and intensive in its approach.

“Our crew is better at what we do than anyone else in the business. Period.”

Steve Williams is an on old hand, with more than 30 years’ experience in emergency medicine. In other words, he’s seen it before, he’s done it before. He also currently holds the position of Team Commander of the FIU FAST Team, which is a disaster recovery team, and Deputy Team Commander for the federal government’s Trauma & Critical Care Team South.

Medical Professionals

What Makes REVA's Medical Team Stand Out?

At REVA, we're dedicated to upholding the best safety standards in the industry. We enforce procedures and policies that ensure safe passage for our patients and a smooth, safe work environment for our medical professionals.



Our mission is clear — getting our clients the best medical outcomes possible. Our three-tiered method includes regular training, a proactive approach and a Federal Aviation Association (FAA)- and International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO)-based management system. With this approach, we create an environment that prioritizes risk management.


With REVA's Safety Management Systems, we make sure our systems are properly prepared every time. Our safety analyzer covers everything comprehensively with the use of our flight-risk and risk-control assessments. With our setup, we can quickly visualize risk in graph form and calculate the trends and hazards of an operation.


REVA's team exceeds FAA, Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and ICAO guidelines. we are committed to giving our clients exceptional care and being the absolute best in the business. We're proud to call ourselves a recognized air carrier for the Department of Defense, AR/GUS International, NAAMTA, EURAMI, IAG and many more.

Always Training, Always Ready

All medical professionals are required to attend ongoing training. REVA’s training is intensive and focused. Education never stops. The two form the foundation of a program of excellence that exceeds industry requirements. When a civilian air ambulance company can effortlessly take part in training with the Air National Guard and prove its mettle in a medical evacuation exercise, that effort deserves to be noted. REVA accomplished that recently when it excelled in Empire Strike at Schenectady County Airport, REVA’s northeast base.  It was the first time a commercial air-ambulance company had been involved in such an effort.


The Importance of an Experienced Air Ambulance Medical Team

Having the right medical team is crucial to an air ambulance. In some cases, it can mean the difference between life and death. Our experienced pilots are used to working in the harshest conditions. With professional teams in our air ambulances, REVA rescues lives by saving time.

Air ambulance work requires medical teams to quickly review a patient's medical history and make the best call to save their life. An experienced air ambulance medical team consists of:

  • Retrieval doctors or physicians: REVA physicians are well-versed in critical care specialties and emergency medicine. Each of our physicians undergoes extensive ongoing medical training led by our team of in-house professionals.
  • Flight paramedics: REVA flight paramedics are certified with years of experience working in critical care and pre-hospital emergency medicine. Flight paramedics provide emergency medical care using lead monitoring, IV therapy, ventilator machines, pain-management medication and oxygen therapy.
  • Flight nurses: Our flight nurses specialize in in-flight management and patient care. Flight nurses are experts at facilitating patient care while keeping patients comfortable, calm and safe. They're detail-oriented, and they are experts in administering medication and keeping track of equipment and supplies.
  • Transport respiratory practitioners: REVA transport respiratory practitioners are experienced in short- and long-distance transport situations. They're ready for any job, from neonatal transport to adult critical care.

Our team of medical professionals is taught by dedicated in-house instructors who are leaders in medical aviation training. Our REVA team members are experts when it comes to understanding the different circumstances that impact medical care in the air, from pressure changes to atmosphere makeup. We also partner with Flight Safety International for e-learning and air-specific training.