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Medical Repatriation Flights

  • When you’re abroad, accidents can happen. The unpleasant reality of a severe injury or illness may be concerning enough to require at-home medical care.
  • In these cases, patients may request medical repatriation.
  • Medical repatriation is defined as a form of emergency medical transport that brings patients to their home country for care.
  • Repatriation can also occur when a deceased person’s body requires transportation back to their home country. This service may include taking the body from the hospital and embalming it or placing it in a coffin for secure transportation home.
  • For those who require critical treatment in their country of residence, REVA provides efficient medical repatriation worldwide. Here is everything you need to know about this type of service, including how it works, average repatriation costs and other FAQs.
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What Is a Medical Repatriation Flight?

Medical repatriation is the process of transporting someone back to their home country so they can receive medical treatment. People typically require medical repatriation flights when they become sick or injured and can't get the care they need locally. When an individual is severely ill or injured, they must be repatriated as quickly as possible before their condition progresses. That's why many repatriation flights are considered medically necessary.

The patient may receive urgent care in a foreign country, but once they are no longer in critical condition, medical repatriation allows transport to their home country for higher-level or more long-term care. During the flight or transport home, the patient receives medical assistance to stabilize and maintain their condition.

Beyond offering access to specialized or ongoing care, repatriation can provide transportation home before a patient's condition worsens and makes them unable to fly. Patients may choose medical repatriation to return home, where they have health care insurance to cover their medical expenses. 

Medical repatriation may also refer to transporting a deceased person's body to their home country. This process involves transporting the body from the hospital and arranging embalming and coffin placement.

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With medical repatriation, patients can safely and quickly travel home to get the medical attention they need. Whether you need a one-time service or an insurance plan that includes medical repatriation, REVA has you covered.

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Our medical professionals collectively have accumulated thousands of hours of experience in air-ambulance transport, critical care and emergency room response.


REVA’s medical team is staffed by highly qualified specialists in emergency care, including flight doctors, registered nurses, critical-care paramedics and registered respiratory therapists.


Intensive Care Unit, Cardiac Care Unit and Advanced Cardiac Life Support, Emergency Department Basic and Pediatric Life Support, Neonatal Resuscitation, Prehospital Trauma Life Support

“It is the sacred responsibility of every REVA medical professional to provide the finest care to our clients.”



David A, Farcy is one of the preeminent physicians in the highly specialized field of emergency care and critical-care medicine. Dr. Farcy, who joined REVA as its medical director in 2015, is the senior editor of Critical Care Emergency Medicine, which means he has literally written the book on emergency-care.

Medical Repatriation Insurance Coverage

If an insured person suffers a medical emergency and needs transportation back to their home country, medical air repatriation insurance covers benefits payable to the maximum policy limit. This insurance is distinct from medical coverage and specifically covers expenses for medically required travel. Services covered can include:

  • Travel arrangements and assistance.
  • Ground transportation coordination at departure and arrival points.
  • Identification of medical escort requirements and appropriate air transportation.
  • Immigration clearances for patients.
  • Admission coordination at a medical facility.
  • Flying dependents back home.
  • Travel for family or friends to the medical care facility.

Our Safety Accreditations



All medical professionals are required to attend ongoing training. REVA’s training is intensive and focused. Education never stops. The two form the foundation of a program of excellence that exceeds industry requirements. When a civilian air ambulance company can effortlessly take part in training with the Air National Guard and prove its mettle in a medical evacuation exercise, that effort deserves to be noted. REVA accomplished that when it exceled in Empire Strike at Schenectady County Airport, REVA’s northeast base.  It was the first time a commercial air-ambulance company had been involved in such an effort.

Our Awards
  • I.T.I.J. Air Ambulance Company of the Year
  • Department of Defense Patriot Award
  • A.A.M.S. Fixed-Wing Award Of Excellence
  • A.C.E. Safety Award
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"I highly recommend REVA to anyone that needs Air Ambulance services. I've even recommended REVA to my job in the event they need to use these services. I can't stress enough how happy I was with the service. The REVA team really saved my friends life and I cant thank them enough."

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~ Mike H.