Travel Planner Partnerships

As a travel agency, giving the best service to your clients is essential. Beyond planning accommodations and arranging tours, you can provide your clients with better coverage to elevate the overall travel experience. Include international air ambulance and critical care medical treatment in your travel planning and redefine your service. At REVA, we bring a new meaning to emergency response through premier medical air transport and specialized care.

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Deliver the Best Travel Experience With Your Agency and Clients

What happens if your client gets hurt or sick while traveling and medical evacuation is needed? We take the guesswork out of the emergency response process. Travel agencies in the Caribbean benefit from our world-class medical transport with our commitment to serving your clients requiring immediate medical care. Learn more about the importance of medical evacuation plans when traveling and see the benefits of partnering with an air ambulance provider:


Quick response time

Our air ambulance flies straight to your client's destination to provide transport and medical care during emergency and non-emergency requests. We cater to your needs even in remote locations or challenging terrains.

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Safe emergency response

Our safety management system ensures a smooth process from loading to landing. Count on our aviation experts for a comfortable and efficient air ambulance experience.


Elite medical attention

Our medical experts offer more than just professional care during transit. We extend comfort and compassion for complete care to every patient. 


Value-added service

Our travel agency partnerships lay out a detailed medical evaluation tailored to your needs. This flexibility offers you a competitive edge, allowing you to stand out from other travel agencies in the Caribbean.

Your Dedicated Medical Evacuation Provider

At REVA, we always focus on the safety of our patients and a safe workplace for our team. We understand that every second matters in emergency situations. Partner with us and benefit from the following:

  • A fleet of high-quality aircraft: We have dedicated air ambulance aircraft in our inventory to cater to our worldwide clients from over 70 countries. Each aircraft is well-maintained and is equipped with the latest medical equipment. 
  • Extensive years of experience: We've been transporting patients around the world for over 30 years. Our expertise spans 33,000+ missions, both domestic and international. 
  • A team of medical professionals: Each member of our team is a medical expert with solid knowledge in providing the best experience for your agency and clients. We also provide extensive, ongoing training for continual learning.
  • Esteemed accreditations: Over the years, we've earned distinction from respected agencies and accreditation groups like Argus Platinum and National Accreditation Alliance Medical Transport Application. We're also the air carrier partner of the Department of Defense.
  • Seamless medical transport process: Our team follows a simple process, from checking your insurance coverage to coordinating with ground transportation. Trust us to handle everything with efficiency and compassion. 
  • Trusted partnerships accreditations: We aim for consistency and precision in every process. Our accreditations from esteemed agencies prove our compliance with industry guidelines.
  • Partnership with insurance providers: Our network includes major insurance companies. We accept Blue Cross Blue Shield of Florida, Humana and Medicare. 
  • Dedicated Revenue Cycle Management (RCM): With our own RCM team, we optimize the overall insurance process and reduce financial barriers. Our dedicated insurance specialists work with key insurance procedures, from verifying benefits to following up claims.