Cruise Lines

Streamline medical care on the cruise line by partnering with REVA. As industry experts for over 30 years, we know the importance of efficient and high-quality medical attention, especially when traveling by cruise ships. Improve the overall travel experience on your cruise ship with seamless medical air transfer in case of emergency.

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Ensure Health and Safety of Cruise Ship Passengers

Medical transport can be a challenge for passengers who are on a cruise. At REVA, we understand that every second during a medical emergency is crucial for the passenger's safety. Count on us to provide the best medical transport and elevate cruise line services for:


Faster emergency
response times

Medical emergencies on cruise ships can pose a significant risk, especially with the numerous passengers aboard and the sometimes long distances from land. We bring our expertise to the seas and streamline the emergency response process through air ambulance transport.


Improved patient

Anything can happen while aboard the ship, but reliable medical transport can help prevent life-threatening consequences of a sickness or injury due to delayed emergency response.


Access to specialized
medical care

We tailor our services based on your industry requirements. Our flexible partnerships ensure the best medical transport coverage for your passengers.

Improved Cruise Line Services With Reliable Partners

As part of our commitment to safe and efficient transportation, we've partnered with Tropic Ocean Airways. This partnership offers you peace of mind during your cruise — if you need medical transport, we can come right to where you are.

Travel the Seas With Peace of Mind

Partner with an air ambulance team to provide cruise lines with premier medical attention. It is our responsibility to offer the finest medical treatment to every patient under our care. Choose REVA and ensure safety among passengers with our key capabilities, including:

  • Seamless process: We ensure everything is as smooth and comfortable as possible. Our detailed process follows the 3C's — Call, Confirm and Complete — to save time and save lives. We handle key processes, from clinical and travel documentation to ground transportation.
  • 24/7 assistance: Our service gives you access to specialized care at any time of the day. Get in touch with our experts, who will coordinate with the medical teams at both points. Once aboard the ship, we provide more than just professional medical support. We offer comfort, compassion and complete care.
  • Global capabilities: Our extensive fleet of dedicated air ambulance aircraft allows us to cater to patients all around the world, both domestic and international. Our best-trained team consists of experts in the medical field, including paramedics, doctors and nurses.
  • Esteemed accreditations: Over the years, we've earned distinction from respected agencies and accreditation groups like Argus Platinum and National Accreditation Alliance Medical Transport Application. We're also the air carrier partner of the Department of Defense.
  • Solid experience: We've been transporting patients for over 30 years, helping cruise lines and other industries. Our extensive years of experience have allowed us to serve more than 33,000 missions from 70 countries. In addition, we continuously train our team so they are ready to handle medical challenges on the sea, on land and in the air.