Traveling and Ozempic: What You Need to Know

Traveling with medication can be complex. Keeping track of your prescriptions, storage requirements and equipment is essential to avoid unwanted side effects. If you’ve been prescribed Ozempic, knowing how to care for it is important. If you want to travel with your Ozempic pen or ensure your medication is stored correctly, you have to understand its needs. Let’s look at Ozempic, its storage requirements and its unique travel requirements so you can fly safely with your medication.

What Is Ozempic?

Ozempic is a medication used to manage type 2 diabetes. It’s also becoming popular as a weight loss management drug. Ozempic’s active ingredient is semaglutide. Semaglutide stimulates insulin secretion and inhibits glucagon release, which helps improve blood sugar levels and reduce the risk of hypoglycemia.

Ozempic is not technically approved for weight loss, but some doctors will prescribe it for this use. Wegovy is another semaglutide medication that acts identically to Ozempic and is specifically marketed for weight loss.

Does Ozempic Need to Be Refrigerated?

Yes, you need to refrigerate Ozempic before its first use. Refrigeration before use maintains your medication’s effectiveness and protects it from temperature changes that might alter its quality. Keep your Ozempic refrigerated between 36 and 46 degrees Fahrenheit. You should also avoid freezing your Ozempic — this can also impact its effectiveness.

How Long Can Ozempic Be Out of the Fridge?

After the initial refrigeration and first use, you can leave your Ozempic pens out at room temperature and up to 86 degrees Fahrenheit. The pens are designed to stay effective at room temperature once refrigerated. After your first use, you can leave your Ozempic out of the fridge for up to 56 days — after that, it needs to be refrigerated again.

Additionally, keep your Ozempic out of direct sunlight, high heat and freezing cold temperatures. These conditions can affect your medication’s effectiveness, leading to issues while taking it. Avoid taking expired medication and watch out for damaged pens — these can also compromise your health and medication effectiveness.

Can You Travel With Ozempic?

Traveling with Ozempic by car, train, boat or other method is simple. If you’ve refrigerated your Ozempic and taken the first dose, you can leave it at room temperature for eight weeks. Just keep your medication in its pen or original packaging and keep it out of direct sunlight and extreme temperatures. Additionally, you can store your Ozempic in a cooler with ice to keep it at the right temperature — this is ideal if you’re traveling for an extended period or through changing temperatures. Make sure you’ve got enough medication for your trip to avoid interfering with its effectiveness.

Can You Fly With Ozempic?

Typically, yes, you can fly with Ozempic. If you’re flying domestically in the United States, you can travel with prescription medications. If your medication is in liquid form, you’ll need to alert the TSA officer at the security screening that you have this medication. Your liquid medication must also be in a reasonable quantity for your flight. Additionally, while you’re not always required to have prescription medication in labeled containers, it does make screening easier. Some states do require medication to be labeled, so try to keep everything in its original packaging to be safe.

International flights into the U.S. may have more drug restrictions. For example, you cannot bring U.S.-unapproved drugs into the United States, even if they are approved in other countries. However, if your drug is approved in the U.S., you can bring it into the country as long as it’s for personal use and not for sale. Ozempic is approved in the U.S., so you should be fine bringing it on your flight.

Can You Travel With Ozempic in Your Carry-On?

Yes, you can bring Ozempic in your carry-on or checked bag. It’s better to keep Ozempic in your carry-on — checking it in your bag can expose it to extreme heat as it travels to the plane. Additionally, having it in your carry-on means you don’t have to worry about missing a dose if your luggage gets lost. You’re good to go if you’re storing it correctly, carrying an appropriate amount and announcing it to the TSA.

How Can You Travel With Ozempic?

Traveling with Ozempic is simple with the right preparation. Since Ozempic is a liquid inside pens, you’ll want to travel carefully to avoid altering its effectiveness or slowing down your security check. Here are some tips to help make flying with Ozempic smooth:

  1. Use your carry-on: Keep your Ozempic and other essential medications in your carry-on to avoid lost or damaged medication. You’ll easily access it without trying to dig around in your suitcase.
  2. Bring the original packaging: Fly with your Ozempic in its original packaging. Having the original packaging can make getting through security easier. The TSA can test your medication if needed, but the original packaging is a quick identifier for the screening team.
  3. Try refrigeration packs: To make temperature-controlled travel easy, you can buy small refrigeration cases for your Ozempic pens. Look for insulin pen travel cases to keep your Ozempic cool while flying.
  4. Alert TSA: Let the security screeners know you have liquid medication before your screening starts. They might need to look at it separately or pull you aside for further screening. Letting them know early gets you through checkpoints more easily.
  5. Bring documentation: While it’s not required, bringing a doctor’s note, prescription copies and relevant medical documentation with you can make travel easier. These documents prove you need your medication and that it belongs to you.
  6. Keep a schedule: Make sure to plan your travel around your medication schedule. If possible, you want to avoid taking medication in tight or unsanitary spaces to make the process easier.

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