Which Medical Conditions Can Stop You From Flying?

Sean Bryan / November 29, 2022 /

Flying is often one of the quickest and most convenient travel methods, but sometimes it is not an option for people with certain medical or health conditions. Before you book a flight and get on a plane, you must understand which medical and health conditions you should not fly with. Many airlines don’t allow people with specific conditions to fly because it could be a safety hazard for themselves, other passengers and crew members.

Here is a list of medical and health conditions that could stop you from flying.

Medical and Health Conditions You Should Not Fly With

Who should not travel by air? Many people have medical excuses for not flying. If you need a plane to travel, ensure you don’t have a condition that would prevent you from flying. Some conditions you should not fly with:

  • Infectious diseases: If you have viral infections, like the flu, chickenpox, measles or other infectious diseases, you should not fly on airplanes until your doctor gives you clearance. You don’t want to get other passengers sick. Plus, you’ll feel better when fully recovered before boarding a plane.
  • Pregnancy: Many airlines restrict flying for pregnant people who are toward the end of their third trimester. The air pressure while flying increases the risk of blood clots forming, which is not ideal.
  • Heart complications: If you’ve suffered a heart attack, stroke, cardiac failure or chest pain while at rest, flying should wait. The lower oxygen levels, increased air pressure, high altitude and more could affect your health.
  • Respiratory diseases: Any lung condition, even short-term, could affect your chances of flying. If you have a condition that makes you short of breath, it could be challenging to breathe while on the plane. You could still fly with certain respiratory conditions if your doctor confirms it’s okay.
  • Deep vein thrombosis: Deep vein thrombosis (DVT) is when you obtain a blood clot in one of your deep leg veins, which can lead to swelling and pain. If you have DVT, your limited mobility while on a plane and the air pressure changes in the cabin could increase the chances of clots.

Additional Conditions That Can Stop You From Flying

Many other conditions could prevent an individual from flying. If you have a pre-existing condition like lung or heart disease, cancer or anemia, you’ll want to consult your doctor for clearance it’s okay to fly. Additionally, those who recently underwent surgery or got out of the hospital should receive clearance from their doctor before flying.

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