Eric Gliniecki

Vice President of Finance

In his previous role, Eric was involved and working with Falck, a global leader in the ground ambulance market. As the director of revenue cycle management, Eric oversaw a team that consisted of 150 team members across five states. During his leadership of this team, he lead with an expectation and focus on a strong culture of challenging the status quo, meeting expectations, but above all, treating everyone as individuals and not just as an employee. Eric supported the outsourcing of the Miami office to India, which later transitioned to insourcing, as well as enhancing the Revenue Cycle in California, facilitating the onboarding of San Diego, and consolidating all three revenue cycle offices into a single, unified team with streamlined processes.

Eric has proven himself to be a strategic planner with a proven track record of spearheading initiatives and implementing solutions to streamline workflows, maximize productivity, and optimize performance. He has effectively developed and negotiated key financial contracts with physicians, medical groups, insurance carriers, collection agencies, government agencies, real estate professionals, and third-party vendors. Eric is proud to be an out-of-the-box thinker who builds dynamic, cross-functional teams to drive organizational change, maximize business growth, and consistently exceed set goals.