Peter Gretsch

Director of Flight Operations

Peter is a highly knowledgeable and qualified Pilot with close to 40 years of aviation experience coupled with his extensive military background. He attended Haverford College where he earned his degree in Economics before going on to earn his Master’s in Econometrics and Quantitative Economics from the University of Pennsylvania. After graduating college, Peter joined the United States Air Force and would spend the next 20 years growing his career in aviation. Upon leaving the Air Force, Mr. Gretsch then joined the Federal Aviation Administration for 14 years as the Director of Operations, Chief Pilot and Safety Manager.

The level of expertise that Mr. Gretsch brings to the table is unmatched. Throughout his career he has been lucky enough to learn every aspect of aviation and use that knowledge to consult with others to help implement, improve and nurture the field of aviation. Today, he serves as the Director of Flight Operations at REVA, Inc.