Best International Hospitals in Ireland

Ireland is a beautiful country full of history, beautiful landscapes and delicious food, making it a notable tourist destination. If you’re traveling to Ireland, make sure you know how to access quality medical care in the event of an emergency. Before arriving in the country, you should know where to find the best hospitals and how to request medical evacuation so you’re prepared.

When traveling to a new country, the unexpected can always happen. For example, you may fall and injure yourself while exploring a beautiful castle or develop a sudden and severe case of food poisoning. In these cases, you’ll need access to quality medical care.

If you’re visiting Ireland, you can rest assured that many of the country’s hospitals offer excellent medical care. Continue reading to learn about the best and most popular hospitals in Ireland for travelers.

Reasons to Visit International Hospitals in Ireland

When traveling, you might need to visit a hospital for various reasons. Since you can experience the same health concerns abroad as you would in your hometown, it’s important to be prepared. If you’re wondering which conditions justify a hospital visit in Ireland, consider the following reasons to visit an international hospital:

Unexpected Illness

If you become sick in Ireland, you may need to visit a hospital for treatment or medication. For instance, you might catch the flu or contract an infection like strep throat. As a result, you could need to visit a hospital to receive antibiotics or another prescription medication.


No one plans to injure themselves when traveling abroad, but injuries can occur anywhere. Some people may be more likely to experience an injury as they explore a new country because they’re trying new activities in an unfamiliar place. Situations like exploring cliffs, hiking unfamiliar paths and driving on foreign roads can lead to accidents.

If you become hurt in Ireland while exploring a remote location, medical evacuation may be necessary. If you experience an injury in a remote area far from the nearest hospitals, it’s important to have a plan and know how to contact emergency services. This way, you can call for help as soon as possible.

Chronic Health Conditions

If you have a chronic health condition that causes occasional symptom flare-ups or requires ongoing treatment or medication, it’s important to know where you can receive medical care in Ireland, especially when you plan to spend several weeks there. Plan by researching which hospitals will be near your travel destinations.

No matter the reason, the hospitals in Ireland are prepared to provide high-quality medical care.

Quality of Medical Care in Ireland

Ireland is home to some excellent private hospitals, but public hospitals often face overcrowding and staff shortages. Still, hospitals in Ireland offer top-notch medical care, much like you’d likely find at the local hospital in your home country. Therefore, you can expect quality treatment when in Ireland.

How to Receive Medical Care in Ireland

All visitors can pay for medical care in Ireland using their travel insurance, credit card or cash. If you don’t have travel insurance, you can still receive treatment at most hospitals. However, you’ll be responsible for the full cost of your care.

Make sure your travel insurance covers you to receive care in private international hospitals so you can avoid paying high costs. It’s also important to add medical evacuation coverage to your insurance plan so you’re covered if you need to evacuate to a nearby hospital or travel home to receive medical care.

Best Hospitals in Ireland

If you become sick or injured in Ireland, many hospitals can provide you with the care you need. The best international hospitals in Ireland will help you get back on your feet and on your way to enjoying the rest of your trip.

There are many hospitals in Dublin that offer high-quality medical care, so if you find yourself in need of a hospital while in Ireland, Dublin is a great place to start your search:

  • St. Vincent’s University Hospital: St. Vincent’s University Hospital is a large, multi-disciplinary hospital that offers expert emergency care. It’s known worldwide for setting standards of excellence in research, education, care and treatment.
  • St. James’s Hospital: St. James’s Hospital is recognized for excellence and innovation, and it provides emergency, acute, residential and specialist care.
  • Beaumont Hospital: Beaumont Hospital is a large teaching hospital that offers acute and emergency care within 54 medical specialties.
  • Mater Private Dublin Hospital: Mater Private Dublin is part of the Mater Private Network, and it offers 206 patient beds.

Other parts of Ireland also offer excellent medical care. The Saolta University Healthcare Group provides a comprehensive range of emergency and acute care services at various hospitals including the following:

  • University Hospital Galway
  • Merlin Park University Hospital
  • Mayo University Hospital
  • Sligo University Hospital
  • Letterkenny University Hospital
  • Portiuncula University Hospital
  • Roscommon University Hospital

How REVA’s Medical Evacuation Services Can Help

Before traveling to Ireland, it’s important to plan for potential emergencies and know where the nearest hospitals are located. It’s also important to plan for medical evacuation services if you become injured in a remote location or need to return to your home country. Air ambulance teams safely transport patients while providing necessary medical care.

REVA’s experienced and qualified European air ambulance team can reach you no matter where you are and take you to the nearest hospital or your primary care provider in your home country. All you need to do is contact us and provide details about your medical situation.

We’ll gather the necessary documents and take care of you throughout the whole process. You can focus on recovery and remain stress-free while we provide ground transportation, air evacuation and medical care until you safely arrive at your destination.

Contact REVA for Air Ambulance Services

Prepare for potential emergencies traveling abroad because the unexpected can happen anywhere. Research hospitals in the areas you’ll be exploring, and save REVA’s contact information in case you need medical air transport. REVA’s highly trained flight and medical crews put your safety first as they provide efficient and compassionate care.

Request a free quote to learn more about REVA’s air evacuation services. You can call REVA’s international phone number, 305-519-4867, to request medical evacuation services in Ireland. Travel with peace of mind and know that REVA’s qualified team will be there for you in the event of an emergency.