International Hospitals in Jamaica

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Jamaica is a wonderful country filled with beauty and a rich culture. However, some people may want to know what health care facilities are available before making their international travel plans. This guide will help you better understand the health care systems available in Jamaica, as well as some reputable international hospitals to keep in mind during your travels.

Health Care in Jamaica

Jamaica has 24 public hospitals and 10 private facilities. The country’s primary health care works through a system of clinics and regional centers that provide medical care. The standards of Jamaican medical facilities vary from place to place. Some may fall below the expectations held by foreign nationals.

The general rule of thumb is the closer you are to a tourist destination, the better the hospitals will be. It’s difficult to be objective about the best hospital in Jamaica, but following this rule will help. Tourist areas like Kingston and Montego Bay will likely have the best hospitals in Jamaica.

Health Insurance for International Patients

The Jamaican health care system is not as comprehensive as other countries, and some facilities outside popular tourist destinations and the capital will be unable to treat certain conditions. An emergency evacuation is the best course of action in most cases of prolonged sickness or medical emergencies. For this reason, especially, it is highly recommended that foreign visitors and expats have international health insurance plans.

Public Jamaican health care centers and facilities are free for citizens and residents. This means you can expect longer waiting times in public centers and better conditions in private facilities. Private treatment is the more favorable option in Jamaica, with less experienced and trained staff working in public facilities that run on insufficient government funds. You will need medical insurance to help you cover the costs of private facilities.

We recommend looking into the following international health insurance options if you are planning to visit Jamaica:

  • Pacific Prime
  • Allianz Care
  • Caribbean Assurance Brokers Limited

International Hospitals in Jamaica

English is the official language of the country, so finding an English-speaking hospital in Jamaica is a guarantee. However, with the quality in hospitals and health care facilities varying as much as they do, it is recommended that you have a list of trustworthy hospitals in case you need one. This is a list of some Jamaican English-speaking hospitals and medical centers that can help you.

Stony Hill Medical Center

Stony Hill Medical Center is a family clinic that offers high-quality medical care for families at affordable rates. Founded in the ’90s, Stony Hill Medical Center has always prided itself on providing high-quality health care to citizens and neighboring communities in Jamaica. Stony Hill Medical Center offers a variety of services, including:

  • Minor surgeries.
  • Chronic care.
  • Home visits.
  • Emergency services.
  • Vaccinations.
  • Rapid testing.

Baywest Wellness Hospital

Baywest Wellness Hospital in Jamaica

Baywest Wellness Hospital aspires to be the leading health care provider in the Jamaican private health care sector. They also provide high-quality health services to the wider Caribbean. By providing COVID-19 testing and telemedicine services, Baywest goes out of its way to provide the best services possible. Medical tourism is a large part of their offerings. They aim to bridge the cap in medical tourism to provide the finest care to the many tourists who visit Jamaica.

Andrews Memorial Hospital

Andrews Memorial Hospital is one of the few hospitals in Jamaica authorized to conduct medical examinations for immigrant visas. This means the hospital must be kept to a certain level of quality, making it more trustworthy. The hospital also delivers U.S. medical examinations conducted to the U.S. embassy on behalf of the patient. The services offered by Andrews Memorial Hospital include:

  • Dental procedures.
  • Outpatient care.
  • COVID-19 testing.
  • In-patient wards and private rooms.
  • Operations.
  • Maternity ward.
  • Imaging units.
  • Medical diagnostics laboratory.
  • U.S. medical examinations

The Andrews Memorial Hospital is only open on weekdays.

Omega Medical Hospital

Omega Medical Hospital provides more comprehensive services than most other Jamaican hospitals. Beyond general surgery and laboratory services, they also provide cosmetic surgery and aesthetic treatments, along with interventional radiology and urology services. Omega Medical Services provides 24-hour services for 25 Caribbean hotels. With more than 10 medical specialists and insurance coverage programs, this is one of the best medical facilities in Jamaica.

University Hospital of the West Indies

The University hospital is part of the University College of the West Indies, which is affiliated with London University. This was the first teaching hospital in the region. Established in 1948, it has been training local medical professionals ever since. With a long and storied history of treatments, research and students, the University Hospital of the West Indies is a trustworthy care facility.

With a diverse range of services, including children’s health, emergency medicine, hematology and pathology, this learning hospital can provide you with any care you may need. In the event of emergencies, it will be a suitable holdover until you can be transferred or evacuated.

Linstead Public Hospital

Linstead Public Hospital is a part of the South East Regional Health Authority (SERHA). SERHA is a statutory body of the Ministry of Health and Wellness, meaning it has to uphold certain standards and criteria. Initially built as a tuberculosis treatment center in 1917, the hospital evolved to offer more services. Pediatrics, diagnostics, pharmacy, day-care, urology, general surgery and physiotherapy are major services this hospital provides. Linstead Public Hospital serves five local parishes and is the main referral of 10 local health centers in nearby communities.

Spanish Town Hospital

The Spanish Town Hospital is the largest Type B Hospital on the island of Jamaica and is comparable to Kingston Public Hospital in the capital. Another hospital managed by SEHA, it provides the same services as Linstead Public Hospital to more towns and communities in Jamaica. Both hospitals share the same mission, which is to provide the best health care services to the patients and families in the communities they serve.

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