Reasons to Choose REVA for Air Ambulance Critical Care

David A. Farcy / January 26, 2023 /

Patient being loaded into air ambulance

Air ambulances are special aircraft used to transport sick and injured patients to and from health care facilities, ensuring a quick and comfortable journey. They’re equipped with medical tools and devices, as well as highly trained staff to sustain the patient until they reach their destination.

At REVA, our mission is to provide safe, compassionate and efficient air ambulance transportation nationwide or overseas for every client in our care. If you’re searching for medically equipped private jets with the highest-quality health care team, safety protocols and accreditation ratings, REVA may be your answer.

Continue reading to discover what sets us apart from other major players in the air ambulance industry.

Why Use REVA for a Critical Air Transport Flight?

When you encounter a situation requiring critical air transport, you can benefit from REVA’s air ambulance bed-to-bed service. Our exceptional team of medical flight coordinators handles every detail of the trip, including:

  • Ground ambulance services in both the departure and arrival locations between medical facilities and airports.
  • A smooth journey from the departure location to your destination, including obtaining a medical report, delivering these reports to the receiving facility and regularly updating this facility.
  • Assignment of the correct medical team for the flight based on your condition and needs.
  • Updates for family members and loved ones throughout your journey.

From our incredibly well-versed medical personnel to elaborate safety procedures, there are many other reasons to choose REVA as your air ambulance provider. We’ll explore these more in-depth below.

REVA's medical professionals


Highly Trained Medical Personnel

When you turn to REVA for air medical transport services, you’re choosing a highly knowledgeable and experienced team that offers excellent care to every individual. Our staff has over 250 contracted and full-time seasoned medical professionals.

Taught by our in-house leaders in medical aviation training, our mandatory, intensive and ongoing education program ensures each client receives the highest-quality care with the most recent medical equipment and techniques. REVA’s medical professionals have collectively accumulated thousands of hours of air ambulance transport, emergency room response and critical care experience.

We’ve completed over 30,000 flights in 70 countries. Our team consists of highly trained and qualified emergency care specialists, including:

  • Registered nurses
  • Flight doctors
  • Registered respiratory therapists
  • Critical-care paramedics
  • Experienced pilots that can work in the toughest conditions


Through our broad and superior services, we can treat patients in a variety of areas. Our team has earned numerous certifications, such as:

  • Emergency Department Basic and Pediatric Life Support
  • Cardiac Care Unit and Advanced Cardiac Life Support
  • Prehospital Trauma Life Support
  • Neonatal Resuscitation

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Bedside-to-Bedside Service

REVA provides seamless, worldwide bedside-to-bedside medical transport for every patient. Our staff will maintain contact with your doctor and coordinate with relevant medical professionals during your flight, arranging for anything you might require. We’ll also take care of anyone who may be accompanying you on your travels.

Our on-ground team stays in touch with the critical care air ambulance team to share prompt patient updates and ensure everything is running properly. Our state-of-the-art Communications Center operates 24 hours a day and can assist clients in all aspects of transport. Patients who aren’t in critical condition can leverage these services as well.

Our services entail everything from documentation to critical care medical treatment. Our complete process includes:

  • Insurance coverage: We’ll determine all financial options and insurance coverage, prepare the documents and handle the full reimbursement process. We cover most major insurance plans and injuries and illnesses abroad.
  • Ground transportation: We prioritize ground transportation as much as air travel. We’ll pick you up, transport you to the plane, then complete the trip with your utmost comfort and convenience in mind, catering to anything you might need.
  • Medical team coordination: We coordinate medical teams at both points of the journey, ensuring appropriate care is available from the start of the trip to the end.

Furthermore, consulting our team for medical transport services is simpler than ever. Our seamless process consists of three main steps, or the “three C’s”:

  1. Call: A patient, case manager or caregiver contacts our team to request transport.
  2. Confirm: We coordinate all details, including travel and clinical documentation, ground transportation and flight and medical teams.
  3. Complete: We safely transport patients bedside-to-bedside, working with the industry’s best-trained medical staff.

Critical Air Transport Medical Flight Costs

We individually quote each flight, and the cost of critical care air ambulance services depends on a few different factors.

1. Traveling Distance

The flight route — the distance between your departure point and destination — largely affects the overall price of your air ambulance trip. That means, in most cases, a flight between two cities in the same state will cost less than one that crosses through several states. Long-distance medical transport expenses account for the fuel used in transit, time spent in the air and crew member wages during that time.

2. The Need for Ground Transportation

If you require ground transportation on either end of your flight, it can raise your mileage fees. This expense can include a ground ambulance to transport someone from the hospital to the air ambulance, or bringing the patient from the air ambulance to their destination after the flight.

Keep in mind it can be difficult to determine the exact ground transportation fee beforehand, especially if the client is abroad. The distance the ground ambulance must travel also influences this price.

3. Emergency or Non-Emergency Situation

A non-emergency medical flight may cost less than an emergency air transport of the same distance. A few factors account for this:

  • Higher-paid medical personnel to treat the patient during the flight
  • Life-saving equipment and energy required to operate it
  • The need to travel closer to sea level for safe cabin pressure, increasing the flight duration

If your medical condition isn’t an emergency, you’ll likely have lower air ambulance transportation fees.

4. The Amount of Notice Given

Generally, the sooner you schedule your air ambulance flight, the lower your bill will be. When you book your flight in advance, the company may be able to secure a jet and pilot closer to your location, thus lowering prices.

With an emergency short-notice flight request, however, the company will provide you with the most readily available air ambulance. The farther away from you this aircraft is, the more you’ll have to pay.

5. Insurance Coverage

Your insurance company is one of the biggest influencing variables in your flight bill. If your air ambulance flight is beyond your insurance provider, you may have to pay for it entirely out of pocket. Depending on your insurance plan, you may still have to pay a high price even if the flight is within your coverage.

Ask your provider about insurance expenses and how much they’ll cover for an air ambulance trip. If necessary, consider changing policies to cover more of this cost, or choose an air ambulance company that complies with your insurance provider.

We understand that every patient’s financial circumstances vary greatly. Our specialists will work with you to generate a competitive flight quote based on your unique situation. We accept most major insurance and offer financing options for Florida residents.

You can complete our quick and easy request form for a fair, accurate air ambulance or medical escort quote. We’ll work to accommodate your monetary needs as much as possible. If you have any questions regarding our pricing or believe there may be discrepancies in your quote, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

Rigorous Safety Management System

Rigorous Safety Management System

REVA is committed to upholding the best safety standards in the industry. We enforce stringent policies and procedures to ensure a safe work environment for medical professionals and a safe journey for patients.

REVA’s Safety Management Systems help ensure proper preparation for every flight. Our safety analyzer covers everything using thorough flight risk and risk control assessments. Our setup allows us to visualize and calculate potential hazards quickly, then take precautions as needed.

Our team has vast expertise in understanding the different factors impacting air medical care, from atmosphere makeup to pressure fluctuations. Additionally, we collaborate with Flight Safety International for extensive air-specific training and e-learning. We execute monthly training and drills to ensure efficient transportation from loading to landing.

We have a clear-cut safety agenda at REVA — a basic program focused on achieving goals, tracking performance and assessing outcomes. We have everything it takes to keep aircraft and equipment running consistently. Our meticulous safety program covers the following areas:

  • Three-tiered safety method: Our three-tiered safety method includes ongoing training, a management system following applicable guidelines and a proactive approach to safety issues. Our in-house instructors and medical team members receive regular training for the safest, up-to-date practices and patient care.
  • Flight risk and risk control assessments: To ensure everything adds up, our Safety Management System involves risk control and flight risk assessments that transfer data to our safety analyzer. The analyzer then plots the risk on a graph, calculating trends and risk thresholds.
  • Meets and exceeds safety standards: We pride ourselves on approval from watchdog organizations and government bodies. Our team exceeds guidelines enforced by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO). We have the drive and attitude needed to meet and surpass rigorous industry standards.

Safety Recognitions

Our team has received multiple awards for our safety efforts, like:

  • Association of Air Medical Services (AAMS) Fixed Wing Award Of Excellence
  • Achievements in Community Excellence (ACE) Safety Award
  • Department of Defense (DOD) Patriot Award
  • International Travel & Health Insurance Journal (ITIJ) Air Ambulance Company of the Year

Accreditations and Associations

REVA is devoted to providing clients with exceptional care and being the top industry player. Association memberships and accreditations play a significant role in reaching this goal.

We’ve earned these distinctions from many respected organizations in nearly every area of their operations. We are proud to be a recognized air carrier for the following agencies and others.

1. ARGUS International

We’ve earned a Platinum rating — the highest level of aviation safety and quality — with ARGUS International, an independent agency that grades aircraft operators’ safety histories.

2. Case Management Society of America (CMSA)

CMSA is a nonprofit organization that provides networking and educational opportunities for case managers and social workers. REVA is a significant contributor to these opportunities on both local and national levels. Our professionals serve clients with the most up-to-date knowledge of their craft.

3. Department of Defense (DOD)

The DOD has a division called the Commercial Airlift Board, which evaluates aviation companies’ operations and maintenance with onsite survey teams. The board has approved REVA to participate in the DOD’s Air Transportation Program, a process requiring months to complete. That means REVA goes beyond industry standards to ensure client comfort and safety.

4. European Aero-Medical Institute (EURAMI)

EURAMI is a nonprofit organization that accredits air medical providers based on safety and quality standards. We’ve been accredited in the long-range/intercontinental fixed-wing category since 2014. We’re fully accredited for long-range, Pediatric, Adult and Neonatal Critical Care Transports. This verifies that patients can rely on REVA for the utmost safety during longer flights.

5. International Assistance Group (IAG)

The IAG is a worldwide alliance of assistance companies, including those in the air ambulance industry. REVA was among the first U.S. providers chosen to join the IAG, earning a designation as an accredited service provider. This assures clients of our vast expertise in health travel insurance.

6. National Accreditation Alliance Medical Transport Applications (NAAMTA)

NAAMTA aims to identify best practices in transport safety and patient care, developing stringent guidelines in these areas. Being unmatched in our approach to safety, we’ve completed a comprehensive audit of NAAMTA’s standards and have demonstrated compliance in each. REVA is fully accredited for:

  • Advanced Life Support
  • Basic Life Support
  • Critical Care
  • Commercial Medical Escorts
  • Specialty Care (Neonatal and Pediatrics)

7. U.S. Travel Insurance Association (UStiA)

UStiA is a nonprofit organization of companies involved in the development, marketing, sales or application of travel insurance. REVA is a member of good standing for UStiA, meaning we prioritize our clients’ well-being when it comes to their insurance needs.

We’ve provided numerous reasons why REVA is your go-to for air ambulance critical care, but you don’t have to just take our word for it. You can also read some of our client testimonials for a better idea of how we’ve positively impacted patients and their loved ones during their travels.

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