June 2nd, 2014 |

REVA Inc.’s Puerto Rico Air Ambulance Base Provides Vital Link

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico – When REVA Inc. reviewed its first-quarter air-ambulance flights earlier this year, it became evident that demand for air-medical transportation in the Caribbean had been growing at least as fast as the region’s multi-billion dollar tourism industry as a whole – and maybe even faster.

That’s a trend that REVA executives expect to continue into the foreseeable future as the population bubble of North American baby-boomers embarks on cruises, takes extended resort vacations, and invests in second homes throughout the Caribbean, REVA Inc. officials this week.

REVA Inc. deploys the largest privately operated, medically certified fleet of Lear Jets and fixed-wing aircraft in the Americas from its four air ambulance bases located in Fort Lauderdale, Fla.,  Phoenix, Ariz., San Diego, Calif.,  and San Juan.

Air Ambulance - Medical Flight Team

“What can never be predicted is the particular emergency itself,” said Carmen G. Mojica-Martinez, REVA Inc.’s account executive for Caribbean operations, headquartered in Puerto Rico. Nevertheless, she and a staff of four at REVA’s Avenida Ashford offices in San Juan’s Condado district, predict continued strong growth in the next six months.

Recent Caribbean cruise ship calls for emergency medical air flights to transport ill passengers – some with major cardiac and life-threatening pulmonary and allergic conditions – to landside hospitals are bringing REVA Inc. service into sharp focus.

By the time we see the patient, we have already been in communication with the ship and receiving hospital, preparing for every aspect of a patient’s medical needs while in flight and during the entire transportation.
Carmen G. Mojica-Martinez Account Executive for Caribbean operations

“Our bilingual medical flight team meets the cruise ship at just about any port in the Caribbean,” Mojica-Martinez said.  “By the time we see the patient, we have already been in communication with the ship and receiving hospital, preparing for every aspect of a patient’s medical needs while in flight and during the entire transportation.”

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REVA Inc.’s presence in the Caribbean ensures fast response by its experienced team of certified, licensed and seasoned emergency medical professionals who fly in with state-of-the art medical transportation.

Emergency medical pickups at sea with helicopters happen much less often than most people imagine, Mojica-Martinez said “They have shorter ranges, weather restrictions, and are relatively slow,” she said.  But a twin-engine Cessna – our medically certified 402B – is the safer, more reliable and versatile air ambulance once the patient reaches port. REVA also provides those longer flights from a remote island to a designated medical facility in Puerto Rico or the U.S,” she said.

For more information about REVA and its state-of-the-art air medical transportation services, visit the website at flyreva.webpagefxstage.com or contact a REVA representative at 800-752-9300.




With over 290 employees and offices in Fort Lauderdale, Phoenix, San Juan, Spokane and San Diego, REVA Inc. is one of the largest fix-wing air medical transportation providers in the Americas. The company has flown over 20,000 successful missions to and from world-wide destinations.

REVA Inc. is an approved organ transportation carrier for Cleveland Clinic Florida and is accredited by the National Accreditation Alliance of Medical Transport Applications (NAAMTA) and the European Aeromedical Institute (EURAMI).  Its air ambulance services are licensed by U.S. and international agencies, including U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (Certificate # O2JA380KZ AeroJet International), Canadian Transportation Agency International License; and U.S. Treasury Cuban operation authorization.  REVA Inc. is the result of the merger of Aero Jet International, Inc., Air Ambulance Professionals, and American Care Air Ambulance, creating the largest fixed-wing air ambulance fleet in the Americas.

Official PDF: REVA Air Ambulance – Press Release – Puerto Rico Vital Link – 201400602