December 15th, 2016 |

REVA, Inc. Flying High in Northeast

Air Ambulance Canada, Europe, Africa, Bermuda and the Middle East

Fort Lauderdale, Fla. – REVA, the largest fixed-wing air ambulance company in the Western Hemisphere, has seen a successful launch of its new base of operations in Schenectady, N.Y. The base, established in January 2016, has “enabled REVA to respond more quickly to medical missions in Europe and elsewhere abroad. It has also opened up new opportunities with leading facilities and insurers in the Northeast region,” said Douglas B. Weisz, regional account executive.

From the Schenectady County Airport, REVA services the Northeastern and Midwestern states, along with Canada, Europe, Africa, Bermuda and the Middle East. The new base of operations in Schenectady has allowed REVA more convenient access to Northeast medical hubs in Boston, New York, Philadelphia and Baltimore, a key in transporting a patient quickly and efficiently.


Air Ambulance Canada, Europe, Africa, Bermuda and the Middle East
“It puts us more in line to complete a European mission,” Weisz said. In fact, the first flight from the new base in early January completed a U.S.-European transport for a customer.

That was the plan when REVA officials decided in November 2015 to add to the company’s existing flight operation centers in Fort Lauderdale, San Juan, and Phoenix.

“On multiple occasions, our clients have expressed the need for a reliable, safe, and cost-effective operator in the Northeast Corridor,” Weisz said. “It allows us to meet this need.”

When the new base opened, Stuart Hayman, CEO of REVA, talked about the call to “expand our geographical reach, thereby allowing our services to become more efficient and provide global service under the REVA brand for our valued customers.”


Weisz’s goal is to develop and maintain regional, national, and international client bases with a strategic focus on the Northeast. He is a native Floridian with 10 years of experience with REVA. He holds a bachelor’s degree from Florida State University and an MBA from Nova Southeastern University.

Official PDF: REVA – Press Release – REVA Flying High in Northeast – 20161215-1