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Professional Pilot Magazine: REVA Air Ambulance

Featured in: Professional Pilot Magazine – November 2019

REVA Air Ambulance: Operator flies Cessna, Learjet and Hawker fleet out of South Florida, New York, Arizona and Puerto Rico.

Things go wrong. And, unfortunately, situations can often occur when we are far from the safety and comfort of our homes. Whether across the country on business, or vacationing with family on a once-in-a-lifetime trip overseas, when misfortune strikes, we want the health and welfare of yourself or loved ones depend on getting to the location that will provide the necessary medical care, REVA is your way home.

In the late-1990s, Aero Jet International and Air Ambulance Professionals (AAP) were competitors in the airplane medical ambulance business in South Florida. Both were based at FXE (Ft Lauderdale Exec, FL) and were enjoying success, particularly in conducting transports from the many Caribbean destinations frequented by cruise ships and island-hopping travelers. Eventually, the 2 rivals began speaking to each other regarding a merger. A private equity firm entered into the conversation, and Aero Jet and AAP joined forces to become REVA in 2012. At that time, they were operating 3 air-craft. Over the next several years, REVA would rapidly grow its fleet to the current total of 18.

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