October 20th, 2023 |

JD & Chris Davison

Chris was so anxious before departing and you and Jonny went above and beyond to anticipate her needs, assuage her fears and in general took charge of her care with prescient intervention. Your well-honed intuition of her needs was almost telepathic. Chris told me later it was as if you knew exactly what she needed at the time she needed it. Amazing. 
Your kindness, good cheer and positive outlook were evident from the start and most of her anxiety was eased before she left the hospital bed. You both represent the perfect marriage of career and skill set. Although it may be unlikely we may cross paths again you left an indelible mark on both of our lives. It’s not like we meet divine guardians every day after all! If we’re ever in Ireland it would be our sincere pleasure to meet under more optimum conditions. Same in the reverse; if your travels ever take you to Colorado we’d love to connect to thank you.
You represent the very best of the medical field. As great as you are as a nurse and paramedic respectively, somehow you’ve managed to surpass that high bar as people. When so much of the world is falling into the less human touch, you both exceeded our expectations by effortlessly bringing that personal touch to our lives on such a traumatic day. We genuinely send all our love to you both and thank the Reva team for being smart enough to have you on their team.
The road to Chris’ recovery has only begun but you both set her on the best path for her eventual success.