We Transport Patients with COVID-19

Air Ambulance Services for Infectious Diseases

If you have a contagious disease that requires a medical flight, learn about what you can expect from taking the ride with REVA. Here's a guide for taking medical flights when you have a contagious disease.

When you experience contagious disease symptoms and have no way home, you can request a medical air flight. We want to ensure you get home safely and receive proper medical care to stay healthy. 

If you need transportation assistance, you, a caregiver or case manager can contact REVA. You'll fill out a form indicating which service you need, where you'll be picked up and dropped off, if you need transportation based on a doctor's order and anything else is relevant for the REVA team to know.


Contact REVA and request a n air ambulance.


REVA confirms details and condition of the patient. REVA will coordinate all aspects of the transport.


Patient is tended to and arrives safely to their final destination.

Dedicated Aircraft
Missions Flown
Countries Covered
Medical Professionals


Our staff is full of highly qualified specialists who have proper training and experience providing emergency medical care. Many specialists are part of our medical team, including doctors, paramedics, nurses and respiratory therapists. When you're a patient, our priority during the trip is ensuring your health and safety. Our 16 dedicated ambulance aircraft have the necessary critical-care and life-support equipment to support many medical conditions.

We hold our team members to a high standard, so our patients receive the best care throughout their entire journey. When you book a medical air flight with us, we ensure we've made all the necessary preparations for you to have a comfortable and safe experience. Our flight nurse case managers customize each clients' transport per the attending physician.



Our medical professionals collectively have accumulated thousands of hours of experience in air-ambulance transport, critical care and emergency room response.


REVA’s medical team is staffed by highly qualified specialists in emergency care, including flight doctors, registered nurses, critical-care paramedics and registered respiratory therapists.


Intensive Care Unit, Cardiac Care Unit and Advanced Cardiac Life Support, Emergency Department Basic and Pediatric Life Support, Neonatal Resuscitation, Prehospital Trauma Life Support

“It is the sacred responsibility of every REVA medical professional to provide the finest care to our clients.”


Medical Director

David A, Farcy is one of the preeminent physicians in the highly specialized field of emergency care and critical-care medicine. Dr. Farcy, who joined REVA as its medical director in 2015, is the senior editor of Critical Care Emergency Medicine, which means he has literally written the book on emergency-care.


REVA’s medical staff has the knowledge and expertise to provide excellent care to every client.


REVA Medical Director Dr. David A. Farcy is a distinguished physician has been recognized internationally for his contributions to the field.


REVA requires its medical staff to take part in regularly scheduled training. REVA requires training and education that is ongoing on a daily basis and intensive in its approach.


  • Award-winning medical and aviation team

  • Largest air ambulance fleet in the world

  • Global coverage - we can get to you and get you home from anywhere in the world

  • Patient Advocacy - minimizing out-of-pocket costs for you

  • A network of well-traveled clinicians stationed across the globe

  • 30 years of transporting patients


When you receive medical air transport for contagious diseases with REVA, you will be under excellent care. We coordinate all aspects of the trip, including flight and medical crews, necessary documentation and ground transportation. REVA will safely transport you with the help of the best medical professionals in the industry.

We have a highly advanced and efficient communications center called "The ROC." Our hub provides assistance 24 hours a day, ensuring our clients have a smooth, comfortable journey until they reach their final destination.


Common Contagious Diseases We Transport

While there are contagious diseases that are acceptable for regular travel, others require medical air transport. Here are some common contagious diseases that We run medical air transports for:

COVID-19 - The coronavirus is highly transmittable through the air and involves quarantine procedures. If you're in another country and need to get home for COVID-19 treatment, having medical air transportation helps you remain in quarantine.

Tuberculosis (TB) - TB occurs when bacteria attack the lungs and sometimes the kidney, brain, spine or lymph nodes. It spreads through the air from one person to another when the infected person coughs, sings or speaks. Medical air transport can provide necessary care until you get to a hospital.

Hepatitis A - Hepatitis A is a contagious liver infection acquired by consuming contaminated food and water. It can make you sick for weeks or months, depending on how soon you receive treatment. If you contract Hepatitis A, medical air transport can get you home safely and provide treatment until you arrive.

Measles - Measles is highly contagious and can spread through coughing or sneezing. It can also spread when someone makes contact with an infected surface and touches their eyes, nose or mouth. If you get measles while abroad, it's essential to take caution to avoid spreading it to others. Medical air transport can help you get home for treatment.

Malaria - If you contract malaria, seeking immediate medical attention is crucial. While it's treatable, the disease is severe and can be deadly when not handled properly. Medical air transport can be a vital step in receiving proper treatment for malaria.

“Our crew is better at what we do than anyone else in the business. Period.”

Steve Williams is an on old hand, with more than 30 years’ experience in emergency medicine. In other words, he’s seen it before, he’s done it before. He also currently holds the position of Team Commander of the FIU FAST Team, which is a disaster recovery team, and Deputy Team Commander for the federal government’s Trauma & Critical Care Team South.


When you use REVA for medical air transport, we handle your insurance coverage so you can focus on flying home and feeling better. We'll determine the benefits your insurance covers, prepare your documents and appeal denials. In addition to organizing your documents and medical flight, we also coordinate your ground transport and medical teams that will accompany you through the journey.


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