Air Ambulance Services for Pediatric Care

When a pediatric emergency happens, you need to get to a hospital quickly. Air travel is a fast, safe option that can help patients reach premium medical facilities, so finding pediatric care while abroad or traveling domestically is easy with REVA.

REVA comprises a specialized air-ambulance team with medical professionals trained in pediatrics. A case manager or caregiver for a pediatric patient can order a flight and receive expert assistance from our crew. Learn more about our pediatric services and how to request a flight with REVA for immediate care. 


Contact REVA and request a n air ambulance.


REVA confirms details and condition of the patient. REVA will coordinate all aspects of the transport.


Patient is tended to and arrives safely to their final destination.

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Medical Professionals

About Our Emergency Care Staff

We only work with leading professionals to provide quality care to every patient during their flight. Our team consists of over 250 medical professionals, including doctors, registered nurses, paramedics and pediatric specialists. Each staff member undergoes weekly, quarterly and annual training programs to stay up-to-date with their skills and knowledge. 

Our medical staff is certified in the following practices: 

  • Emergency Department Basic and Pediatric Life Support
  • Cardiac Care Unit and Advanced Cardiac Life Support
  • Intensive Care Unit
  • Neonatal Resuscitation
  • Prehospital Trauma Life Support

When you request a flight, we will analyze your case and ensure the on-flight staff is equipped to deal with the patient's needs. Our team can treat the patient and provide expert care until the aircraft arrives at the hospital. 



Our medical professionals collectively have accumulated thousands of hours of experience in air-ambulance transport, critical care and emergency room response.


REVA’s medical team is staffed by highly qualified specialists in emergency care, including flight doctors, registered nurses, critical-care paramedics and registered respiratory therapists.


Intensive Care Unit, Cardiac Care Unit and Advanced Cardiac Life Support, Emergency Department Basic and Pediatric Life Support, Neonatal Resuscitation, Prehospital Trauma Life Support

“It is the sacred responsibility of every REVA medical professional to provide the finest care to our clients.”


Medical Director

David A, Farcy is one of the preeminent physicians in the highly specialized field of emergency care and critical-care medicine. Dr. Farcy, who joined REVA as its medical director in 2015, is the senior editor of Critical Care Emergency Medicine, which means he has literally written the book on emergency-care.


REVA’s medical staff has the knowledge and expertise to provide excellent care to every client.


REVA Medical Director Dr. David A. Farcy is a distinguished physician has been recognized internationally for his contributions to the field.


REVA requires its medical staff to take part in regularly scheduled training. REVA requires training and education that is ongoing on a daily basis and intensive in its approach.


  • Award-winning medical and aviation team

  • Largest air ambulance fleet in the world

  • Global coverage - we can get to you and get you home from anywhere in the world

  • Patient Advocacy - minimizing out-of-pocket costs for you

  • A network of well-traveled clinicians stationed across the globe

  • 30 years of transporting patients


REVA offers a hands-off emergency care experience. When a caregiver or case manager contacts us, we begin coordinating a flight with hospitals, insurance companies and our crew. Our team will handle all necessary clinical and travel documentation. 

REVA professionals provide medical care to the patient during the flight as best as possible. We also share consistent updates on their condition through “ROC,” our communication center. This approach to patient care and transportation makes it easy to track their progress and notify other parties of changes as they happen.

Currently, our fleet includes 16 aircraft with the latest technology to handle global and domestic travel. We have all the necessary training and experience to handle any pediatric emergency.



What Qualifies for Emergency Pediatric Care

Pediatric patients experience symptoms differently than adolescents or adults. They also may not be able to fully able to communicate their needs, so knowing what to look for can help determine whether they require emergency care. 

Most emergencies can fall into a few categories, including breathing trouble, stomach issues, injuries and infections. Contact REVA if you notice the following symptoms: 

  • Severe, persisting pain
  • Trouble breathing, including wheezing and flaring the nostrils 
  • Ongoing vomiting or diarrhea
  • Injuries from falls or collisions
  • Few or excessive bowel movements over a few days, including painful bowel movements
  • Exposure to or ingestion of toxic substances like poison, cleaning supplies or medications 
  • Persisting fever that does not go down with medication
  • Dehydration, including sunken eyes, crying with no tears and dry mouth
“Our crew is better at what we do than anyone else in the business. Period.”

Steve Williams is an on old hand, with more than 30 years’ experience in emergency medicine. In other words, he’s seen it before, he’s done it before. He also currently holds the position of Team Commander of the FIU FAST Team, which is a disaster recovery team, and Deputy Team Commander for the federal government’s Trauma & Critical Care Team South.

Insurance Coverage

We can handle all insurance policies and coverage to streamline the process for patients and their families. REVA accepts all major insurance providers to make our services as accessible as possible. We are also available 24/7 to answer your questions during the process. With years of experience in the medical insurance industry, our team knows how to manage the claim. 

Once you request a quote, our team will contact your insurance company directly and start your claim. We complete the paperwork and ensure you get the best medical care under your plan. Our team expedites all the paperwork for efficient filing, even during an emergency. 

Some benefits of our insurance coverage include: 

  • Access to an international network of medical facilities. 
  • Fast and efficient paperwork that supports your journey. 
  • Premium medical care throughout the entire trip. 


About REVA

REVA offers professional air ambulance services for domestic and international children's medical emergencies. We have completed over 30,000 missions worldwide while providing compassionate, professional care for patients and their families. 

We aim to be the best place to get care for a kid while abroad, which we show through our accomplishments. Some of our awards and accreditations include the following: 

  • ARGUS International Platinum Rating
  • U.S. Department of Defense Approved Air Carrier 
  • 2021 ITIJ Air Ambulance of the Year
  • International Assistance Group Preferred Provider

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