4 Best Caribbean Islands for Digital Nomads in 2024

Richard Cooper / September 7, 2023 /

A digital nomad’s lifestyle is one of the greatest. You can work virtually anywhere, making traveling easier. Whether you want to experience new sights or to go somewhere warm once winter comes, you can work from home in the Caribbean. There are plenty of places in the Caribbean Islands that offer visas for digital nomads, with the durations ranging from a few months to two years.

Here are some of the best islands to live and work on as a digital nomad.

1. Aruba

Stay in Aruba for up to three months while working remotely. Aruba has a digital nomad program called One Happy Workation, which allows travelers to work from home anywhere on the island. If you want to join the program, you must have employment with a company or be self-employed in your home country. Aruba has good internet speeds and many free Wi-Fi spots around the island.

Travelers from the United States only need a valid passport, a completed and approved Embarkation and Disembarkation (ED) card and proof of return to enter the country.

2. Bahamas

Work remotely and live in the Bahamas for up to a year with the Bahamas Extended Access Travel Stay, or (BEATS) digital nomad program. Many places on the island also offer fast internet and comfortable accommodations, so you can enjoy your off-time — but still be productive.

3. Barbados

Want to experience the unforgettable white sands of Barbados? Bring your remote work with you! You’ll just need to apply for the Welcome Stamp visa program so that you can stay in the country for up to 12 months. Working in Barbados is ideal because in addition to one-of-a-kind sights and plenty of things to do, you’ll have access to high-speed internet and other amenities.

4. Cayman Islands

Work at home from the Caribbean when you stay on one of the Cayman Islands. The islands offer some of the fastest internet speeds in the Caribbean and have plenty of coworking workspaces.

The Cayman Islands provide one of the longest digital nomad visas, too, allowing nomads to stay for two years. Eligible individuals must make at least $100,000 annually and have employment with a company outside of the islands.

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