ARGUS Platinum Rating

An ARGUS Platinum rating is one of the highest forms of recognition for air carrier safety and quality. ARGUS International, otherwise known as Aviation Research Group/US, is an agency that evaluates private carriers’ safety procedures. ARGUS auditors are trained and experienced aviation professionals who deliver thorough assessments. 

The ARGUS audit standard for a Platinum rating examines an air carrier’s safety procedures and preparedness. Auditors evaluate pilots, aircraft and the program itself to determine their level of quality. As a recipient of the prestigious ARGUS Platinum rating, our team at REVA is proud to deliver outstanding and safe service every time we fly.

What Are ARGUS Ratings?

ARGUS ratings fall under three categories — Gold, Gold Plus and Platinum. As a Platinum-rated air carrier, we surpassed Gold and Gold Plus standards to earn our rating. ARGUS auditors awarded this accreditation by evaluating our safety and training techniques, management systems, and emergency response plans.

A Platinum rating is an internationally-recognized safety standard. At REVA, we’ve consistently performed the best service with the highest caliber of safety to earn this approval in the industry. ARGUS ratings allow us to recognize our successes and identify even more growth opportunities. Passengers fly with confidence when they choose REVA.

Why You Can Trust REVA

Along with our Platinum rating, our accreditations show patients and passengers that we put them first. Our team is recognized by the Department of Defense, International Assistance Group and other influential organizations and we’re driven to provide best-in-class aviation standards. We constantly look for ways to improve or push our industry forward with excellent service and top-notch medical care and bed-to-bed service

Our patients are always our priority, so we ensure the utmost safety with thorough emergency procedures and training systems. You can trust REVA to provide high-quality medical air transport that keeps you safe, comfortable and healthy.

Experience Superior Medical Care and Aviation With REVA

At REVA, our work begins the second you give us a call. We take care of all the details to simplify the medical transport process and create a worry-free patient experience. Our highly accredited team is at your service whenever and wherever you need them. Simply call, confirm and complete the process to see what gives REVA our excellent reputation. 

When you need state-of-the-art care and a team you can depend on, choose REVA. Our Platinum rating shows our dedication to superb service and quality medical transport. We have a fleet of 16 jets available 24/7/365 for your medical needs. It’s no wonder our customers love us! To learn more about our services, request a quote today!