American Hospitals in Costa Rica

Many people around the world travel to Costa Rica for pleasure and business. In an ideal situation, such trips will go without any unforeseen events getting in the way of your plans. But life can be unpredictable, and you may need to go to a hospital during your trip to Costa Rica. 

Falling ill or sustaining an injury abroad can leave you needing a list of private hospitals in Costa Rica that offer services to international travelers. These institutions will give you the help you’re looking for so you can get healthy and return home as soon as possible. Continue reading to discover American hospitals in Costa Rica and how you can navigate needing healthcare while overseas. 

Why Would You Need to Visit One of the International Hospitals in Costa Rica?

You may have vacation or business plans in Costa Rica, but anything can happen during your visit. This means you’ll be subject to many of the same health concerns and risks as you would on any normal day. Plans can change rapidly, especially when you’re facing a medical emergency. You should prepare yourself for any event before going on your trip, especially if you deal with daily health concerns or have special health needs. 

Here are some health conditions you may face that would merit the need for healthcare in Costa Rica for expats:

  • Common issues: Travelers face the risk of falling or being involved in a motor accident while traveling abroad. One reason you may experience such an event is the fact that you’ll be in unfamiliar territory. You could fall while traversing a hiking trail or walking down unfamiliar steps. Traffic patterns may be different than you’re used to, raising your chances of an automobile accident if you’re behind the wheel. These events can lead to serious injury, causing you to need to visit a hospital. 
  • Major health situations: You may need to go to a hospital to receive help for a major health issue. Such an issue could be a chronic condition or the need for medical intervention if you’re unable to access essential medications. Note that if you deal with a chronic condition at home, the same condition will ail you on your trip to Costa Rica. One positive aspect is that you may be able to plan for these events and get the help you need quickly. 
  • Unplanned illnesses: Unexpected illnesses are impossible to plan for, and depending on the illness or its severity, you may need to visit one of the best hospitals in Costa Rica to receive proper healthcare. Unplanned illnesses include things like food poisoning and infectious diseases. 
  • Injuries in remote locations: You could sustain an injury in a remote rural area or town located far from the nearest hospital. In these instances, you may need medical air transport to take you to a healthcare institution for proper treatment. These situations may also be time sensitive, making a fast trip to the nearest hospital paramount. 

List of Hospitals in Costa Rica

Fortunately, many international hospitals in Costa Rica exist to provide essential healthcare to travelers. These hospitals may have an affiliation with American institutions, or they could be the result of collaboration among international parties. Many of these facilities emphasize clear communication and employ English-speaking staff, along with speakers of other world languages. 

Note that you’re responsible for any healthcare bills you receive during your Costa Rica trip. Check with your insurance provider before leaving home to see if you have any form of international medical coverage. You may need to purchase a permanent or temporary package that will cover some or all of your medical expenses while traveling abroad. 

Here are some private international hospital options in Costa Rica:

  • Hospital CIMA: Many people consider Hospital CIMA to be the best hospital in San Jose, Costa Rica, for travelers and expats. The staff of this private facility receives specialized training to provide services to international patients using state-of-the-art equipment and facilities. The medical professionals here are bilingual, ensuring easy communication during your visit. 
  • Hospital Clínica Bíblica: As a private, not-for-profit hospital in San Jose, Costa Rica, Hospital Clínica Bíblica provides plenty of services to residents and world travelers alike. Nearly 20% of patients treated are from outside of Costa Rica, so you can be sure the staff has experience providing medical services to people from other countries. Much of the staff speaks English, so visitors from the United States and other English-speaking areas will have a pleasant experience communicating. 
  • Hospital La Católica: Also located in San Jose, Hospital La Católica has a reputation for friendly, warm treatment of patients from near and far. One of their specialties is an area of healthcare known as medical tourism. People from other countries like the United States, Canada and European nations will travel to Hospital La Católica for surgeries that would cost more in their home countries. With this in mind, you can seek services here with peace of mind knowing you’re getting high-quality treatment. 

How REVA’s Services Can Help

REVA can provide help if you become injured or sick while in Costa Rica and need to return home or go to the hospital of your choice. Our international air services ensure you can get the help you need where you need it, whether you’re in a remote location or a bustling city like San Jose. Our reach extends across 70 countries, making us the best option for your medical air travel needs wherever your travels take you. 

We’ve streamlined the process of scheduling and receiving our services to make this part of your medical situation as easy as possible. The first step is reaching out to us to request transport. You’ll let us know your location and what your needs are. From there, we’ll coordinate every aspect of your air ambulance trip. This will include securing all documentation, assembling medical and flight crews and scheduling ground transportation if needed.

Let REVA Handle Your Medical Air Transport Needs

At Reva, we understand that this can be a stressful time for you. Our goal is to ease that stress by helping you get the medical air transport services you need. We’ll be with you from bedside to bedside, only completing our services once you’re safe at your destination. We’re committed to safety so you can enjoy peace of mind knowing you’re getting the help you need. 

Request a quote online if you’re ready to take the next step toward your Central America medical flight. You can also contact us today to speak with one of our helpful representatives for more information.