International Hospitals in the UK

The United Kingdom, or the UK, is a popular tourist and business destination. People around the world go to the UK for its diverse landscapes, bustling cities and historical sites. Many cultures and histories combine across the countries in the UK, so everyone can find something to enjoy during their visit. 

But visitors must also prepare for unexpected illnesses and injuries during their stay. Whether you’ll be in the area for a brief period or an extended visit, you should know about international hospitals in the UK. With the right information, you can choose the best location to receive your health care so you can get the specific help you need. 

Why Might You Visit One of the International Hospitals in the UK?

Like you would at home, it’s important to consider all the possible causes of illnesses and injuries you could face while traveling abroad in the UK. You’ll be in unfamiliar territory, hundreds or even thousands of miles from your home doctor and regular health care facilities. You must be ready in case you face a medical emergency while traveling. 

It’s worth knowing that in the UK, hospitals’ emergency departments are often referred to as Accident and Emergency (A&E). Remember that the emergency contact number in the United Kingdom is 999, and prepare for possible situations that could arise.

Here are some of the health situations you could face in the UK:

  • Motor accidents: Motor accidents are a risk wherever you are in the world and can lead to serious medical situations. It can be dangerous to drive in a foreign country due to changes in road laws and driver behavior, putting you at an even greater risk. 
  • Food poisoning: Food poisoning can lead to uncomfortable side effects, which may require medical attention to reduce. 
  • Unexpected illnesses: You can catch an infectious disease at any time, including your trip to the UK. Traveling abroad puts you in a position to contract illnesses, and the symptoms could land you in the hospital depending on their severity. 
  • Severe health conditions: If you have a chronic health condition or have severe medical needs, you may need to visit a hospital for essential treatment while in the UK. Your symptoms could flare up, making a hospital visit paramount to your well-being. 
  • Injuries or illnesses in remote areas: You may have a medical emergency in a rural area while in the UK. If you’re far from the nearest hospital, you may need medical air transport to get the help you need. 
  • Medical tourism: This is when someone leaves their home country to receive medical services at a hospital in another country. Patients usually seek medical services abroad for financial reasons, or they need greater skills than what’s available in their home countries.

Quality of Health Care at the Best Hospitals in the UK

Travelers in the UK can rest assured that hospitals in London, England, and all around the UK provide world-class health care. UK hospitals have top-of-the-line facilities and internationally renowned doctors that provide help to locals and tourists alike. Non-citizens in Britain can receive free emergency services, but you may have to pay some additional costs depending on your situation. 

Whether you visit a private hospital or a public one, you’ll receive the health care services you need after sustaining an injury or illness while on your UK trip. Plus, a majority of institutions in the UK will speak English. This makes the experience more convenient for English-speaking patients from the United States and other countries.

List of the Top Hospitals in the UK

Whatever illness or injury you incur, you have many options for quality hospitals in the UK. International hospitals in the UK exist to provide medical help to people from all over the world. But even the public hospitals in the UK can provide the services you’re looking for. 

Be sure to contact your insurance company as soon as possible to discuss your coverage when in foreign countries. Even if you receive some free emergency services in the UK, you’ll be responsible for extra costs depending on your home country and the area of the UK you’re visiting. You may need to open a new insurance policy to receive financial help with your UK medical costs. 

Here are some of the top hospitals in the UK for travelers:

  • The Wellington Hospital: Part of HCA Healthcare UKThe Wellington Hospital is the premier private hospital in Wellington, London, England. This facility specializes in a variety of services, including spinal care, orthopedics, women’s health and cardiology. They have the technology to treat many complex needs. 
  • Cromwell Hospital: As one of the private hospitals in London, England, Cromwell Hospital offers many benefits to its patients. Patients who opt for self-pay can receive appointments the next day, giving them the medical help they need at the soonest opportunity. The hospital offers flexible payment plans and quick access to a variety of treatments with leading medical professionals, so you know you’re getting high-quality treatment at a time frame that works for you.
  • Aintree University Hospital: This Liverpool hospital accepts overseas visitors and operates under the British public health sector. Aintree University Hospital provides a variety of services for patients, from anesthesia to elderly medicine, and they’re constantly updating their offerings.
  • BMI Ross Hall Hospital: Scotland’s largest private hospital, BMI Ross Hall Hospital, serves its Glasgow locals and international patients. The facility offers a range of services, supported by a professional and caring medical staff. BMI Ross Hall Hospital strives to create a safe and friendly environment for its patients.
  • Spire Cardiff Hospital: This hospital in Cardiff, Wales, welcomes international patients and coordinates care for medical tourists. Spire Cardiff Hospital offers interpretation services and local knowledge to help make visitors from outside of the UK feel welcome.
  • Antrim Area Hospital: Located in Northern Ireland, Antrim Area Hospital boasts a state-of-the-art emergency department. The hospital features a Direct Assessment Unit that allows general practitioners to seek specialist advice and quickly arrange referrals for patients if necessary.

If you’re traveling to nearby countries on your UK visit, you should also be aware of hospitals in places like Ireland. Beaumont Hospital is one of the best hospitals in Dublin, Ireland, for international travelers. Besides providing excellent health care and fostering a friendly atmosphere, Beaumont Hospital trains medical students. This means you could receive help in a variety of languages besides English, depending on where these students are from. 

How REVA’s Services Can Help

Wherever you are in the UK or neighboring countries, REVA can help you return home while giving you the medical help you need along the way. Our international air ambulance services offer safe, compassionate transportation when you’re in the midst of a medical situation. 

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Choose REVA for Your Medical Air Transportation Needs

If you’re in the UK and need air ambulance services, call REVA for results you can rely on. Our reach extends to more than 70 countries, so we can bring you back home, wherever home is to you. Our bedside-to-bedside services help you get home while fulfilling your specific medical needs along the way. We commit ourselves to safety for every client so you can have more peace of mind during the whole process. 

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