What If I Need to Be Evacuated From the Cruise Ship?

Steve Willaims / December 22, 2021 /

When you’re on a cruise, you want to enjoy the experience and take in the sights. But what if you encounter an unexpected circumstance and need to be evacuated during the voyage? Having the right solutions to respond in an emergency can help keep you safe and give you peace of mind during your trip.

At REVA, we offer trusted solutions to keep you safe during the voyage. Partner with us for optimized solutions that fit your requirements and reassure you wherever you travel.

Can I Be Medically Evacuated From a Cruise Ship?

If you need medical evacuation during the cruise, you’ll need trusted coverage and services to get you safely to a healthcare facility. Cruise ships have limited medical capabilities to address some illnesses and injuries. Further assistance is necessary for a severe or life-threatening situation. 

Most modern cruise ships have medical facilities and physicians to provide care for minor illnesses or injuries. The facility might also have more advanced equipment in some boats, such as telemedicine systems and X-ray machines. If a patient experiences an emergency such as a heart attack, the physician will order an evacuation to the nearest shore hospital. 

A medical evacuation benefit will cover transportation costs and logistics if the physician on board has recommended this step. Coverage may include ground transportation at the port and air ambulances to take you back to land.

What Injuries May Qualify Me for a Medical Evacuation?


Several types of circumstances could result in you requiring a medical evacuation. If the condition can be treated with available resources on board, you’ll likely remain on the ship for observation. If you’ve come down with an illness that’s contagious but not life-threatening, you’ll need to be quarantined in your room and will not be permitted to leave. In other situations, you may need to leave the ship.

Condition Requires Hospitalization

If you have an injury, such as a fracture, that requires treatment at a hospital, your physician will work with your ship’s captain to choose the best option for you. The cruise ship may change course to get you to a hospital sooner, or they might take you to the nearest port of call on the scheduled route. Depending on the timing of treatment, you may be able to rejoin the ship after you’ve received care, but the cruise can’t wait for you.

If treatment is urgent or you can’t get to a hospital via the ship’s route, you may qualify for medical evacuation based on your doctors’ orders.

Condition Is Life-Threatening

Should you experience a critical health emergency, you may need a medical evacuation to get you to professional help on shore as soon as possible. When you work with REVA, our team will manage ground transportation and air travel for you to get to a healthcare facility safely. We’ll also take care of filing the appropriate paperwork to get your insurance coverage for emergency medical expenses. 

Your physician may decide may need a medical evacuation if you experience conditions such as these:

  • Fractures 
  • Severe mental illness
  • Heart attacks 
  • Trauma
  • Pulmonary problems
  • Disease
  • Strokes 

Is Medical Evacuation Coverage Necessary for Cruise Trips?

Choosing medical evacuation coverage is highly advisable when you’re on a cruise ship. Having this added protection can help you get proper healthcare as quickly as possible, particularly if you have any ongoing health issues or high-risk conditions. With the right provider, such as ARREVA, you can ensure you have full support throughout the process, whether you need to go to the hospital for additional treatment or a life-saving procedure.

Medical evacuation coverage ensures you have a secure solution if you need to reach an onshore medical facility. It streamlines the process of finding an appropriate treatment center and arranging the complex logistics to get you there. 

When you invest in medical evacuation coverage, you invest in protection for your health, even if you’re in the middle of the ocean.

Trust ARREVA to Have You Covered for Your Travels

When you work with ARREVA, we’ll handle all your medical evacuation requirements for you. Our team is committed to delivering prompt, courteous service and doing everything we can to keep our patients safe. 

We’re fully compliant with industrial requirements and have an experienced team providing expert care for complex cases. Whatever your needs, you can trust us to help you get home safely.

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