Can I Bring My Dog on a Plane?

David A. Farcy / May 15, 2023 /

You can bring your canine companion on a plane, but your dog’s travel experience can vary depending on the type of airline you choose. Some airlines can present health and safety risks for canines, while others provide a comfortable flying experience. The right flight for you and your canine companion depends on your dog’s health condition, size, weight and anxiety level.

Flying With a Dog

Bringing a dog on a plane is possible, but it depends on the type of airline you travel with. Private jet charters welcome dogs on flights and make it easy for passengers to give their canine companions a safe, comfortable travel experience. When you book a charter jet, you can take your dog and your luggage along on your flight easily.

Commercial airlines allow dogs under strict conditions. Most airlines require dogs to be a certain size and weight to board an aircraft, and they often require canines to remain in a kennel during the entire flight. Some commercial airlines allow dogs to sit in the cabin with their owners as long as they remain in a kennel, but others require them to fly in the aircraft’s cargo area. If your dog cannot fit in a kennel under the seat in front of you, it must fly in an aircraft’s cargo.

A commercial airline can also enforce breed restrictions, preventing certain dogs from flying. It’s also important to consider your luggage before taking a dog on a commercial flight. Most airlines count a dog’s kennel as a passenger’s single carry-on item, limiting the luggage they can bring on a flight.

Are Planes Safe for Dogs?

Your pet’s safety on an aircraft depends on the type of flight you take. Commercial airlines present risks for dogs, especially if they require pets to fly in aircraft cargo sections. A cargo area is beneath a flight’s cabin, and it can hold larger dogs that do not fit beneath the seat in front of you.

Dogs flying in cargo sections must remain in a hard-sided, well-ventilated kennel for safety purposes, but they can potentially experience health complications. Before traveling on a commercial airline with your dog, consider the following health risks your pet could experience:

  • Injuries: Injuries can occur if objects fall on a pet’s kennel or a pet attempts to escape its kennel.
  • Dehydration: A pet kennel may contain a water bottle or dish your dog is unfamiliar with, placing them at risk of dehydration if they refuse to drink during their journey. If you choose to fly commercial, it’s crucial to ensure your dog is comfortable in their kennel and can eat and drink from it properly before booking your flight.
  • Heart failure: Flying can place stress on a pet, increasing their heart rate and potentially leading to heart failure. Your dog may have an increased risk of heart complications if they are senior, have canine separation anxiety or are in declining health. Consulting with a veterinarian before a flight is crucial because they can thoroughly examine your dog to ensure they are healthy enough for cargo travel.
  • Heatstroke: While airline cargo areas are typically temperature-controlled, heatstroke is still a risk for pets flying in cargo. Heatstroke can occur when an animal becomes overheated. Check if the airline implements rules and restrictions protecting animal travelers from excessively hot or cold temperatures before booking a flight with your dog. Some airlines restrict aircraft from carrying pets when temperatures may exceed or fall below what they consider a safe range.

If you are concerned about your dog’s health or safety flying under a seat or in a cargo section, you can choose to travel via a private charter flight. Private flights are much safer for canine passengers and provide a more comfortable experience.

Which Airlines Allow You to Bring Your Pet?

The following commercial airlines allow dogs of certain breeds and sizes to fly in an aircraft’s cabin section:

  • United Airlines
  • Southwest
  • Delta
  • JetBlue
  • Turkish Airlines
  • Vueling
  • TAP Air Portugal
  • Alaska Air
  • Lufthansa
  • Aegean Airlines
  • Air France
  • Air Europa
  • Air Canada
  • American Airlines
  • French Bee
  • Hawaiian Airlines

While flying in the cabin may be more calming for pets than riding in the cargo area, it can still be a stressful experience. Pets that are not accustomed to remaining in a small space for long periods may experience stress inside a kennel.

REVA’s private jet charters allow flying with a large dog in a cabin, so your large canine companion can join you in comfort. Flying private is the ideal option if your dog is large or prone to anxiety.

Advantages of Choosing a Private Charter When Traveling With Pets

A private charter offers pets and their owners the most comfortable flying experience. You can enjoy the following benefits when you bring your pet on a private aircraft:


As a pet owner, you are probably most happy when your dog is happy. Private charters offer passengers the most comfortable flight options, and they extend this comfort to passengers’ pet companions. Dogs can sit with their owners where they feel most at ease, curl up on their owner’s lap or rest by their feet. Pets can also enjoy treats on a private charter, which is sure to delight them.


Pets are safer on private charter flights than on commercial flights. You can fly with peace of mind on a charter flight, knowing that your dog is safe with you rather than alone in a plane’s cargo. Private flights provide furry friends with a more relaxed atmosphere, reducing the risk of heart complications during flight.

Reduced Stress

Commercial airlines require passengers and their pets to wait in lines, go through security and wait for boarding to take place. Completing all of these tasks can be stressful with a dog, especially if you are trying to carry a kennel and your luggage through a large airport. Private airlines offer a faster, easier process, allowing you to board your flight without lines or slow security checks. Boarding your flight quickly without making your way through a crowd can ease your dog’s nerves and help them feel calm on the flight.

Minimal Limitations

Private jets have fewer pet travel limitations than commercial airlines. You can bring more than one animal companion with you on a charter flight, and there are fewer restrictions. Private airlines are more likely to allow large dogs on a flight, and they can remain with you the entire time.

Year-Round Travel

Most commercial airlines enforce seasonal embargoes, restricting pet transport during certain times of the year. Private charters welcome your dogs year-round, allowing you to take your canine companion with you on any seasonal trip.

Book a Private Charter Flight for You and Your Dog

A private charter flight offers the safest, most comfortable experience for you and your dog. Your dog can travel happily by your side on a charter flight and enjoy a stress-free journey. REVA’s private charters take you to your destination safely and quickly, and we welcome furry friends to sit with you in our spacious, luxurious cabins. Book a private charter flight today.