Can You Fly With a Brain Tumor?

A brain tumor is an abnormal growth of cells that can occur in any part of the brain. Both malignant and benign tumors increase intracranial pressure, limit abilities and put lives at risk. These serious tumors can happen unexpectedly, causing concern when individuals live far away from treatment centers or are traveling abroad. Learn more about the risks individuals face when flying and how an air ambulance can help.

Can You Fly With a Benign Brain Tumor?

Flying is possible for those with a benign or a malignant brain tumor, but there are many risks to consider. As a plane ascends, air pressure decreases within the cabin. With less air pressure, oxygen within the cells of a body can expand, potentially causing brain tumors and cerebral fluid to also increase. Depending on the size and location of the tumor, individuals may experience seizures, increased intracranial pressure or other life-threatening effects.

It is best to get a doctor’s opinion before planning a flight. They can assess your condition, symptom severity, treatment progress and other aspects of your health to determine if it is safe for you to travel.

Air Travel Restrictions for Individuals With a Brain Tumor

If you are taking a commercial flight, you will need to check what items are allowed on the aircraft. Individuals with a brain tumor may need to inform the airline about their condition and the types of medication or equipment they need to bring on the flight. Some airliners may even require a medical certificate for certain items.

For individuals who have recently undergone surgery for their brain tumor, it is best to wait before flying. Air can become trapped in the cranial cavity during an operation, which could then expand at higher altitudes.

Best Options for Flying When You Have a Brain Tumor

Due to the possible negative effects of air pressure changes, flying alone on a commercial flight is not recommended when you have a brain tumor or are recovering from neurosurgery. These aircraft have minimal medical equipment and personnel to help in an emergency. Safer flying options include air ambulances and medical escorts.

Air Ambulance

Treatment for a brain tumor can take weeks to months, so if you discover one while traveling, you’ll need to find a safe and quick way to fly home for continued care. An air ambulance is one of your best options since it can accommodate complex traveling requirements. Air ambulances can control the cabin air pressure to ensure it remains at a steady and safe level during the flight, helping to prevent the expansion of brain tumors while traveling.

These aircraft are equipped with the latest medical equipment and staffed with medical professionals who can attend to you throughout your flight. Air ambulances also have the flexibility to tailor every part of the flight to your unique health situation. Individuals are often transported lying on a stretcher bed for greater comfort and ease.

Medical Escort

If you are recovering from neurosurgery or have received the go-ahead from your doctor to travel with your brain tumor, you might find comfort and security in flying with a medical escort. While you may be safe to travel, you can enjoy greater peace of mind knowing a medical escort is there to assist you in case of a medical emergency.

Medical escorts will accompany you throughout every step of your flight to ensure your safety. These professionals are highly trained to provide expert medical care while in the air.

What You Need to Know About Insurance, Traveling and Brain Tumors

Insurance providers have different coverage policies when it comes to medical transport. Two reasons an insurance company may cover a flight include:

  • It is medically necessary: Many insurers will cover flights if they deem them medically necessary. This means an individual can only receive life-saving operations and care in their home country or a distant location, requiring a flight for speed and efficiency.
  • It is medically reasonable: Some insurers may cover flight expenses for medically reasonable flights. These situations are for individuals who could receive care locally but would enjoy better health outcomes if transported to their home country.

Travel medical insurance may also help cover medical transport costs when traveling for brain tumor treatment. Thoroughly check your policy to determine what is covered.

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