Do I Need to Go Through a Broker for Air Ambulance Insurance?

Air ambulances save lives every day no matter where you are in the world. When seconds matter, air-based medical teams offer secure ways to transport patients quickly between cities or even countries.

Though some insurance plans specifically cover air ambulance transportation, others contain confusing language regarding the potential coverage of an unplanned medevac flight. For this reason, many individuals wonder if they need extra air ambulance insurance coverage. And if they decide they want this option, they may not be sure whether to use the services of an insurance agent or a broker.

What Is the Difference Between an Air Ambulance Insurance Agent vs. a Broker?

Insurance brokers and agents both create a bridge between consumers or businesses that need insurance and the insurance companies themselves. The main difference is that brokers work on behalf of their clients to source the right fit, while agents work for one or more specific air ambulance insurance brands. 

While this difference may seem subtle at first glance, it can be an important detail, particularly if you would prefer to shop around for a preferred price point or add-on service.

When Is an Air Ambulance Insurance Broker the Best Choice?

When you want the freedom to pick and choose from any number of air ambulance insurance options, seeking the help of a broker could be the better way to go. Brokers operate free from air ambulance insurance companies, making them neutral go-betweens. 

Sometimes, it will cost more to go through a broker than through an agent due to commissions and other fees. Still, the upsides to working with a broker to get exactly what you want can more than offset costs.

REVA Air Ambulance Insurance Bypasses the Need for Agents and Brokers

If you’re not sure whether to get your air ambulance insurance from an agent or broker, you can simply use REVA’s powerful online system to receive a quote on air insurance. This feature allows you to control the whole process and select from a variety of options. Additionally, you’ll get an idea of how much air ambulance insurance costs right away.

After getting your air ambulance insurance quote from REVA, you can speak with any of our representatives to better understand the policies and plans. That way, you’ll always know that the air ambulance insurance you’re receiving meets your qualifications.

Whether you’re an individual looking for air ambulance insurance for your family or you need this service for commercial purposes, we welcome you to request a free quote from REVA today.