How Can a Medical Transport Membership Save Your Life?

Unexpected medical emergencies can happen at any time and place. When you are ill or injured during your travels, you want to be at the hospital near your home, not where you have been visiting.

Many Americans believe that their medical insurance will provide complete coverage for emergency care transport. However, many insurance plans cover only part of these high costs, leaving policyholders responsible for the rest. Insurance companies can also deny claims altogether, leaving your family to pay the entire bill.

An ARREVA Advantage travel and medical transport membership allows you to transfer to any medical facility at any time and strives to remove any barriers to patient care. This white-glove emergency air transportation service provides peace of mind and ensures you can receive patient care at a hospital near your home or in the region where you are traveling.

What Is a Medical Transport Membership?

Many insurance plans will only transfer travelers to the nearest acceptable medical facility. However, this medical facility may be far from home or not suitable for your standards. A medical transport membership can supplement existing coverage to transfer travelers to the medical facility of their choosing. Medical transport memberships can perform a hospital-to-hospital medical transfer and provide safe and efficient services that help you receive the quality patient care you deserve.

Risks of Traveling Abroad

Traveling around the world can be a fulfilling and exciting experience.  However, it’s essential to be aware of the potential risks, including:

  • Illnesses
  • Road accidents
  • Insect or animal bites
  • Altitude sickness
  • Injuries

Your ARREVA membership can help you get the care you need when the unexpected happens. We have multi-lingual communications specialists on staff, allowing us to consult with clients, families or medical professionals. Whether you are in a foreign country or remote area, our flight coordinators will provide the highest level of service to ensure you arrive safely at the hospital of your choosing.

Risks of Traveling Domestically

ARREVA also provides medical transport insurance plans for members who travel over 300 miles away from home domestically. Whether you fall ill on a work trip or sustain an injury during a vacation, our services will provide a safe and secure hospital-to-hospital transfer.

After you request our services, our crew will arrive at your bedside and stay with you until you arrive at your chosen destination and complete a transfer of care. We will inform family members and caregivers of your status during your flight, and we can answer any questions you or your loved ones may have.

ARREVA Advantage Medical Transport Membership

With an ARREVA Advantage medical transport membership, you can protect what matters most — your wellness and your family’s health. When you are in an emergency or have a serious medical diagnosis, finding reliable and cost-effective medical transportation should be the least of your concerns. ARREVA Advantage provides unparalleled quality of care and organized crisis response 24/7 for our members traveling at home and abroad.

Become an ARREVA Advantage member today to experience greater peace of mind.


This post was reviewed by REVA’s Medical Director, David A. Farcy.