How to Move Elderly Parents Long Distance

Sean Bryan / November 22, 2022 /

How to Move Elderly Parents Long Distance

When your parents become older and need more assistance with their everyday tasks, providing care becomes a top priority. To ensure their parents receive quality care, many people have moved their parents closer to them — even if they live in another state. While closing the distance makes caregiving more manageable, the moving process may require significant coordination.

Often, your transportation options can have limits due to your parents’ health conditions or time constrictions. What do you do when driving and solo flying are out of the question? Luckily, several solutions exist for moving your elderly parents to another state.

At REVA, we offer services to help move older people to be with their families. Continue reading to learn how to move your elderly parents across the country.

Why You Should Consider Moving Elderly Parents Long Distance

If you live in a different state from your parents, you know the difficulties of traveling to visit. When your parents get sick or start having trouble completing their daily activities, you want to be there for them, but the distance makes it challenging. To ensure you can provide for them, you could move your parents to live with you or closer to you. While moving an elderly parent from one state to another can be ambitious, having them close by can help provide peace of mind for both of you.

The mild discomfort in the moving process is worth it once your parents are with you.

How to Transport Elderly Parents Across the Country

Moving elderly parents to another state is simple with REVA. We offer several ways to efficiently move your parents a long distance while keeping them safe. Some ways you can move your elderly parents across the country include:

Commercial Medical Escorts

While solo flying may not be an option for your parents, commercial medical escorts make flying possible. A commercial medical escort is a medical professional who can accompany your parent during the entire flight process, from arriving at the airport and boarding the plane to getting them to their final destination. They are a great resource during non-emergency situations, like moving your parents across the country.

The medical escort will help your parent stay safe and comfortable throughout the trip, whether they sit in one of the airplane’s seats or have an accommodation that allows your parent to be in a stretcher during the flight. With the escort’s medical training and experience, you can rest assured knowing they will care for your parent’s health needs.

At REVA, our medical escorts have extensive knowledge and training in air ambulance transport and various medical duties, such as:

  • Mental health support
  • Medication administration
  • Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)-approved in-flight medical and oxygen equipment
  • Extremity injury assistance
  • Incontinence and catheter help

Non-Emergency and Private Charter Flights

If you prefer to give your parents more privacy while moving, a private charter flight is an excellent option that will ensure they stay safe and can receive medical assistance if needed. Private charter flights through REVA offer a luxurious experience for passengers as they lounge in comfortable seats with additional legroom and large tables. Your parents can also enjoy amenities like electrical outlets and a DVD and CD entertainment center.

You can work with one of our schedulers to find the best options for your parents’ travel requirements. If your parents need medical assistance, you can request a flight nurse to accompany them on their trip. The flight nurse has proper training and education to handle medical care while flying. Additionally, every REVA charter plane has the necessary equipment to provide treatment if needed during the journey.

Using a private charter flight for moving your parents can offer comfort for everyone involved. They can have a more relaxed flight knowing they can easily ask for medical assistance. Similarly, you can feel peace about the move because you know your parents have professionals on board to support them.

Let REVA Help Move Your Elderly Parents Long Distance

Moving your elderly parents a long distance may seem daunting, but REVA makes the process easy. When you want to move your parents closer so you or another family member can take care of them, consider using a medical escort or private charter flight as part of the process. Your elderly parents can receive the care they need while traveling long distances.

To learn more, contact us online about our medical escort and private charter flight services. If you’re ready to start, request a quote for our services today.