POV: Medical Evacuation by REVA After Getting COVID Diagnosis While in Uganda

Steve Willaims / October 27, 2021 /

Being away from home and becoming sick became a fast reality for many more people in the last 18 months as we lived through the COVID pandemic. Many of us continued to go on long-awaited and even once-in-a-lifetime trips, but even with the added protection or extra precautions we took, many travelers still found themselves with positive COVID test, hundreds and even thousands of miles away from home. Sick travelers abroad felt isolated and trapped seemingly forced to quarantine and wait since they were not allowed to take commercial flights home. But for many prepared travels, there was another option, medical evacuation services from groups like REVA. REVA flew hundreds of missions over the last year and a half, picking up COVID-positive travelers around the globe and flying them home safely.

If you have ever wondered what it is actually like to experience the aid of an air ambulance team, check out this video of a mission REVA flew to rescue a traveler from California who found themselves trapped in Uganda after receiving a positive COVID test


After testing positive for COVID, this passenger was left stranded in Entebbe, Uganda, and unable to fly home commercially. Luckily, her insurance covered the cost of the COVID diagnosis as well as her flight with REVA back to her home city! REVA confirmed the flight mid-morning on a Thursday, and two aircraft were coordinated to complete the mission. With a total flight time for the REVA crew of 48 hours and 14 stops (28 hours and 7 stops for the patient), and six different weekend permits needed from different countries and territories, REVA was able to get to the patient within 72 hours and start her journey home.

REVA Transport team responsible for the care of the patient from Uganda to California

Make sure you and anyone you are traveling with is prepared and covered in the case of sickness or injury. To learn more about medical air transport services and our expert aviation and medical teams, contact REVA today.