Your Guide to Traveling to the British Open

Traveling to the British Open is an incredible experience, and proper planning will allow you to enjoy it to the fullest. Knowing how to obtain tickets, how to reach the course, where to stay, what to do and how to stay safe is essential. Keep these details in mind as you prepare for the British Open to enjoy an unforgettable event.

How to Obtain Tickets for the British Open Golf Championship

The British Open has delighted golf fans for 150 years and attendance increases annually. The Open has created a unique ticketing process to make ticket purchasing fair and equitable. Avid golf fans planning to attend the Open have several options for securing their tickets.

You can attend this exciting event via one of the following methods:

  • Submit an Open ticket ballot: The British Open 2023 has decided to use a ballot system to keep ticket purchasing fair for all fans. Those hoping to purchase general admission tickets to the British Open must submit a ballot for the upcoming year in July. Event organizers pull ballots and announce results in August and September. If a hopeful attendee’s ballot is selected, they receive an opportunity to purchase tickets.
  • Join The One Club: Following the ticket ballot drawing, event organizers offer any remaining tickets to The One Club members.
  • Choose a hospitality package: British Open hospitality packages cost more than general admission tickets but offer incredible perks. Attendees can choose between various packages that offer different prices and benefits. Enjoy exclusive benefits such as the finest reserved seats, behind-the-scenes experiences, meet-and-greet opportunities and gourmet food. While this option has the highest cost, it also offers the most memorable experience.
  • Purchase resale tickets: In years with high attendance, The Open may offer a platform for ticket resales, allowing fans to sell and purchase unwanted tickets safely. While this does not guarantee available tickets, it is an excellent alternative if you miss the ticket ballot timeframe.

How to Get to the British Open

Liverpool John Lennon Airport and Manchester Airport are the two nearest airports to Hoylake. You can reach the British Open from these airports via bus, train, taxi or car.

From Liverpool John Lennon Airport, you can take the Line 500 bus to the Liverpool ONE Bus Station. Head to the Liverpool James Street Rail Station to take the West Kirby Train to Hoylake, where you can walk or take a taxi to the Royal Liverpool Golf Club.

From Manchester Airport, you can take the train to Liverpool Lime Street. Take the West Kirby Train from Liverpool Lime Street Low Level to Hoylake. Once you reach Hoylake, you can take a taxi or walk to the golf club.

Event organizers recommend using public transportation to help minimize traffic. Walking and cycling are also excellent options. Royal Liverpool does not provide public parking, so fans who drive or share a ride with other attendees will need to park at a Park and Ride site. Park and Ride facilities offer bus transportation to and from the golf course.

Best Accommodations Near the British Open

Consider staying at the Open Camping Village for unique, convenient lodging. This accommodation features a campers’ Clubhouse and pre-erected tents just a short walk away from the excitement of the Open. You can also choose to stay at a nearby hotel or bed and breakfast:

  • The Green Lodge Hotel: The Green Lodge is a charming accommodation in Hoylake. When you stay at The Green Lodge, you can enjoy delectable food, refreshing wine and beer and comfortable beds.
  • Holiday Inn Express Liverpool-Hoylake: The Holiday Inn Express in Hoylake offers modern accommodation near the Royal Liverpool Golf Club and the Hoylake railway station.
  • Bed and breakfast accommodations: The Hoylake area is also home to several bed and breakfast establishments, including the Wyngate guest house, Seaways Cottage, Pendragon House Bed and Breakfast and the Firkin House Bed and Breakfast.

What to Do at the British Open

Attending the British Open allows you to witness your favorite players make history up close. You can venture around the golf course and immerse yourself in the thrilling atmosphere or relax and watch the golfing unfold on giant screens in the Spectator Village.

For a more hands-on experience, consider improving your own golf swing. The Open Swingzone at the Spectator Village offers 15-minute lessons from a PGA professional. You can also shop for event merchandise and try some delicious food from various outlets.

Watching your favorite golfers swing their way toward the championship trophy is the most exciting part of attending the British Open. Still, you shouldn’t forget to explore all that Hoylake has to offer during your trip. You can enjoy the following activities and attractions when you visit this gorgeous area:

  • Visit West Kirby Beach: After experiencing the British Open’s thrills, unwind at West Kirby Beach. This peaceful spot features a serene lake, sand dunes, shops and ice cream for a fun break from the golf course.
  • Explore Liverpool: Liverpool is full of fascinating museums and experiences, such as the Museum of Liverpool, the World MuseumThe Cavern Club nightclub and The Beatles Story exhibition.

Best Spots to Watch at the British Open

The British Open draws a large crowd. While standing near the ropes places you closer to the action, the grandstands may provide greater visibility. Sitting in the grandstands allows you an excellent vantage point where you can watch all the action unfold.

Enjoy a Safe Trip With REVA

Attending the British Open is an unforgettable experience. From watching your favorite golfers work toward a trophy to taking in the beautiful golf course views, you can witness golf’s most exhilarating event up close. Plan a safe trip to enjoy this memorable event with peace of mind.

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