Critical Care Paramedic- Fort Lauderdale, FL | Per Diem

Critical Care Paramedic



  • Obtains medical report from flight nurse, to include addressing diseases affected by altitude.
  • Completes pre-flight checklists.
  • Assures medical equipment is accounted for, properly functioning and securely stowed on the aircraft.
  • Calculates, loads and secures oxygen appropriate to patient needs, allowing for delays and/or changes in patient condition.
  • Assures additional medical equipment/supplies are available for the specific needs of the patient condition and needs, based on available patient report and distance of transport.
  • Co-signs controlled substance logs.
  • Participates in pre-flight debriefing with other members of team, including pilots.
  • Assures patient and passengers have all appropriate documentation, i.e., Passports, Visas, before departure from the discharging facility. Calls Flight Coordinator if any uncertainty as to appropriateness of travel documents.


  • Performs and documents a complete head to toe assess of the patient.
  • Reviews release forms, waivers, DNRs (when appropriate) to family member and/or patient.
  • Safe guards medical records, x-rays, etc as per HIPAA regulations. Assures patient’s medical records and personal belongings accompany patient
  • Continuously monitors and assist in documenting patient’s condition to include, but not limited to, head to toe assessment with updates, vital signs, continuous cardiac monitoring, and pulse oximetry, intake and output, documentation of cabin pressures hourly, treatment / interventions / medications performed.
  • Maintains respect and open communication with all members of the transport team, Reva’s staff as well as external clients. Communicates condition, acuity and any unusual issues with entire transport team.
  • Transfers care of patient and records to the receiving facility, documenting date, time, name and title of healthcare giver turning care over to, and obtaining healthcare giver signature prior to leaving facility.


  • Completes all medical record documentation pertinent to transport, whether patient or program driven.
  • Completes debriefing, including completion and signature on Debrief form, with entire transport team, prior to departure
  • Assures equipment is cleaned and equipment/supplies restocked and returned to cabinet.
  • Assures rechargeable equipment is plugged in and charging (light on).
  • Assures completion of forms and damage/malfunction of equipment, if appropriate.


  • FP-C, or CCEMT-P, or (ATP)
  • Three to four years related experience or equivalent as first responder EMS system.
  • State license
  • Passport.


  • Walk and stand for prolonged periods.
  • Lift and/or move up to 50 pounds.

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