International Hospitals in Hungary

If you plan to visit Hungary, it’s important to plan for potential medical emergencies because illness and injuries can happen anywhere. Hungary hospitals offer decent medical care to both citizens and travelers, but private hospitals typically offer higher quality care than public hospitals. While there are no specific American or English hospitals in Hungary, you are likely to find English-speaking doctors and medical staff at most private hospitals in the country.

Hungary’s Health Care Quality

Hungary’s health care system offers quality care, but public hospitals often have long wait times, and some facilities might be lower quality than Western patients are used to. Doctors in the public health sector receive lower pay in Hungary than in other countries, so many Hungarian doctors choose to work in the private sector.

When you travel to Hungary, you are likely to find higher quality care at private hospitals than at public facilities. Private hospitals often contain more staff, state-of-the-art equipment and innovation. Additionally, it’s best to visit private hospitals if you are looking for English-speaking hospitals in Hungary because these facilities are more likely to have English-speaking staff members.

Health Insurance in Hungary

Hospitals in Hungary typically expect patients to pay for medical care with upfront cash. However, it’s important to have medical insurance to help you pay for medical services after you receive care. Hungarian hospitals will not usually bill your insurance, but your insurance company can reimburse you for your medical costs after you pay for them.

What You Can Do if You Become Ill or Injured in Hungary

You can become ill or injured traveling in any country, so it’s important to know what to do if you experience a medical emergency while exploring. If you experience an illness or injury while visiting Hungary, you can visit a private hospital for medical assistance or call for medical evacuation services if you’re in a remote location or need medical transportation to your home country.

Visit International Hospitals in Hungary

You may be able to power through your trip with over-the-counter medications for a common cold or allergies, but more serious conditions, such as the flu, strep throat or a broken bone, require a hospital visit. If you experience an illness or injury that causes severe discomfort or pain, it’s important to visit a hospital to find relief and prevent your situation from worsening. Some of the best private and international hospitals in Hungary include the following:

  • International Medical Services: International Medical Services is one of Hungary’s largest health care providers, and its doctors treat patients with innovative technology and quality care.
  • FirstMed Centers Hattyúház: FirstMed Centers in Hattyúház is a leading private medical provider and English-speaking hospital dedicated to providing quality service to patients.
  • Medicover Center: The Medicover Center is another leading private health care provider in Hungary, and it offers high-quality care in modern clinics with specialists that speak foreign languages.
  • Kelen Hospital: The Kelen Hospital offers care in a friendly environment with renowned professionals and modern medical technologies.
  • University of Debrecen Teaching Hospital: The University of Debrecen Teaching Hospital is dedicated to providing quality patient care and is known as one of the country’s best health care providers.

Call for Air Evacuation Services

In some emergencies, you may need an air ambulance team to transport you to a nearby hospital or a hospital in your home country. If you become injured in a remote location, an air evacuation team can quickly transport you to the nearest hospital while providing necessary medical care. They can also transport you to your home country if you are in a Hungarian hospital and need care from your primary physician.

How to Prepare for Potential Emergencies in Hungary

You can experience a medical emergency anywhere in the world, so it’s especially important to be prepared before you travel to another country. Know what your options are, where you can receive medical attention and what to do in the event of an emergency before traveling to Hungary with the following tips:

Research and Create a Plan

In an emergency situation, you want to know how to reach the nearest hospital quickly. If you are in serious pain or discomfort, you won’t want to deal with searching online for directions to a hospital, and in some cases, you won’t be able to. To avoid this situation, make a list of the hospitals in the areas you will visit. Make sure you include the address of each hospital in case you need to drive or take a taxi to reach one, and list the phone number and other important information for your records.

It’s also important to know how to call for emergency response. If you find yourself in an emergency, you can dial 104 to request an ambulance or 112 to reach an English-speaker hotline.

Make Sure Your Insurance Covers Medical Care in Hungary

Even though most Hungarian medical facilities require cash payments upfront, it’s still important to have health insurance that covers medical care in Hungary. If your insurance covers care in the country, you can request reimbursement for medical costs and reduce the amount you have to pay out of pocket.

Add Medical Evacuation Coverage to Your Health Insurance Plan

In some situations, you may need air evacuation services to reach the nearest hospital or travel from a Hungarian hospital to a hospital in your home country. It’s important to have medical evacuation coverage because it can save you thousands of dollars in medical transportation fees.

Before you arrive in Hungary, add medical evacuation coverage to your insurance plan to avoid paying high costs in the event of an emergency.

Contact REVA for Medical Evacuation Services

Hungary is a beautiful country to visit. Whether you want to sample incredible food, soak in thermal baths or explore picturesque lakes, you are sure to have a memorable time. Experiencing an emergency while traveling is scary, but knowing you have an experienced team to take care of you can give you peace of mind as you travel. If you become ill or injured while exploring Hungary, you can trust REVA to help you reach the nearest hospital from a remote location or transport you to your home country for medical care.

REVA’s experienced air ambulance team will transport you safely and quickly while providing necessary medical care. From travel and clinical documentation to ground transportation, we will take care of the entire process so you can focus on healing. Contact REVA to learn more about our medical evacuation services or request a free quote.