International Hospitals in the Czech Republic

The Czech Republic is home to unique cultural sites, fascinating history, fun beer gardens and some of the world’s oldest castles. Whether you’re just passing through or are there for a month, you’re sure to have an excellent time exploring gorgeous Czechia.

Before traveling to the Czech Republic, it’s important to prepare for possible medical emergencies. After all, injuries and illnesses can occur anywhere, so you should be prepared while traveling in another country to avoid additional challenges seeking medical care.

The Czech Republic offers excellent health care and English-speaking staff at many facilities. To help you plan for your next trip to the Czech Republic, we created a guide for international hospitals in Czechia and what to do in the event of an emergency.

Health Care Quality in the Czech Republic

The Czech Republic is known to provide patients with excellent medical care — the World Index of Healthcare Innovation ranks the country’s health care system as eighth in the world.

While public and private hospitals in the Czech Republic both offer exceptional medical services, private hospitals tend to have shorter waiting times and more English-speaking staff. Additionally, private hospitals are often more service-oriented in their medical care approach.

Health Insurance in the Czech Republic

Anyone living or working in the Czech Republic has universal health insurance and pays monthly contributions to the Czechia public health care system. Those traveling long-term can obtain health insurance through a private provider, and short-term travelers can obtain adequate travel insurance that includes medical coverage.

What You Can Do in the Event of a Medical Emergency in the Czech Republic

If you experience an illness or injury as a traveler in the Czech Republic, you can receive medical care at an international hospital. Additionally, medical evacuation teams can help you reach the nearest hospital or transport you to your home country in the event of an emergency.

If you become ill or injured while traveling in Czechia, you can do the following:

Visit an International Hospital

If you need medical assistance in Czechia, you’ll be pleased to know there are many English-speaking hospitals in the country. While English hospitals in the Czech Republic don’t solely have English-speaking staff, they include many employees who are able to speak English.

Some of the best international hospitals in the Czech Republic include the following:

  • Na Homolce Hospital: The Na Homolce Hospital accommodates travelers.
  • Motol University Hospital: The Motol University Hospital accommodates travelers and includes a special department for English speakers and international travelers.
  • Doctor Prague Health Center: The Doctor Prague Health Center is an international clinic that offers standard medical services and staff that speaks various languages, including English.
  • General University Hospital in Prague: The General University Hospital in Prague provides specialized and basic care for patients and has a long tradition of academic medicine.
  • University Hospital Brno: The University Hospital Brno is the Czech Republic’s second-largest hospital, offering care in all medical branches.

Request Medical Evacuation Services

In some situations, you may find yourself needing air ambulance services. If you experience an emergency in a remote location and need to reach a hospital as fast as possible, a medical evacuation team can fly you to the nearest hospital and provide necessary medical care until you arrive.

An air evacuation team can also transport you to your home country when you need to receive care from your primary care physician or heal in the comfort of your own home. These teams transport patients quickly and safely to ensure they receive the care they need.

If you experience an illness or injury in the Czech Republic, you can contact a medical evacuation team to take you where you need to go while you receive critical medical attention.

How to Prepare for Possible Medical Emergencies in the Czech Republic

While becoming ill or injured may not be on your travel itinerary as you explore the Czech Republic, unexpected emergencies can still occur. It’s important to prepare for potential emergencies before you board your plane so you can travel with peace of mind.

To be ready for any situation, you can do the following:

Research and Create a Plan

Research the locations you’ll be visiting and create a plan before you travel. If you experience an illness or injury, having a plan in place will save you time and energy trying to locate hospitals and find transportation.

It’s difficult to think clearly when you experience pain or discomfort, so planning will help you reach the nearest hospital with little effort. If you need emergency assistance, you can dial 112 to reach the EU emergency line and talk to an English-speaking operator.

Make a list of the hospitals in the locations you plan to visit. Include the address of each hospital in case you need to navigate your way there or request transportation. It’s also helpful to create a list of any friends or family members you would want to contact in the event of an emergency so medical staff can help you reach your loved ones if needed.

Obtain Travel Health Insurance

Make sure you have adequate health insurance that will cover medical costs in the Czech Republic. Note that travel insurance doesn’t always include medical insurance, and your regular health insurance plan may not cover services in other countries.

Before traveling, obtain health insurance that will cover medical costs in Czechia if you need medical care. This step will help you avoid paying any high costs for medical services.

Add Medical Evacuation Coverage to Your Insurance Plan

In addition to medical coverage, you’ll need to add medical evacuation coverage to your insurance plan. This insurance will help cover the costs of air ambulance services. Having international medical transport coverage can help you save thousands of dollars in the event of an emergency, so it’s important to add it to your insurance plan.

Contact REVA for Medical Evacuation Services

Enjoy traveling with peace of mind by preparing for possible medical emergencies. When you plan and prepare before you arrive in another country, you can rest assured you’ll be able to receive medical assistance in the event that you become ill or injured while exploring.

If you need help reaching the nearest hospital or simply need to return to your home country for medical care, REVA can transport you quickly and safely. Our experienced air evacuation team will provide necessary medical care while taking you where you need to go.

Contact us to learn more about our medical evacuation services or request a free quote.