Los Angeles Private Jet Charter

You could take a private jet to the City of Angels when you book a flight with REVA’s network of planes. We have over 1,000 flight operators ready to fly whenever you need a lift. Enjoy privacy and comfort while flying to Los Angeles.

Our Aircraft Network

At REVA, we ensure you have a safe and comfortable private jet to Los Angeles. We have several aircraft types available to accommodate various travel needs, such as party size, luggage capacity and whether you’re flying across the country or internationally.

Some aircraft sizes, like light or mid cabin planes, suit smaller groups. If you have a larger party, a super mid, large or ultra-long range plane may be better. The best aircraft for your trip also depends on whether you travel domestically or internationally. Larger planes can travel farther and are more comfortable for long international flights.

No matter the aircraft, we ensure our passengers have everything they need to relax during their flight.

Benefits of Journeying With REVA

Traveling with REVA offers the journey of a lifetime. Opting to charter a private jet to Los Angeles is an excellent opportunity to relax with on-flight entertainment and arrive at your destination in style. We will help you plan your transportation to the city from the beginning to the end. REVA provides white-glove service so travelers can have peace of mind about flying.

We ensure flyers experience top-notch care and streamline the process of booking a flight. Our team members are ready to help you determine the aircraft and amenities you need for a successful trip, and we’ll answer your questions whenever you need help.

Top Destinations to Visit in LA

LA is a large city with many attractions. You’ll have plenty of activities to choose from during your trip, whether you want to get the whole Hollywood experience or relax on the beach. Popular destinations to visit while in Los Angeles include:

  • Universal Studios Hollywood: Theme parks offer guests a variety of fun experiences. Enjoy rides and food representing your favorite movies, television shows and video games during a day at Universal Studios Hollywood.
  • Griffith Park: Enjoy open land while outdoors in the city at Griffith Park. Besides walking the ground and taking in its natural beauty, you can visit attractions such as the Griffith Observatory, Hollywood Sign and the Los Angeles Zoo.
  • Hollywood Walk of Fame: You see celebrities earning their stars on television, so visit those stars in person at the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Find your favorite celebrities’ stars to take a picture or learn more about thousands of people who have been honored during their careers.

Contact REVA to Request a Quote for an LA Private Jet Charter

If you need a private jet to Los Angeles, trust REVA to get you there safely and in style. Our flight crew is highly experienced and trained to fly passengers so they reach their destinations fast. Enjoy the private jet experience on your next trip when you request a quote to book a charter with REVA today!

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