White Paper – The Value Of Open Reporting In A Just Culture

Offical PDF: REVA – White Paper – Just Culture – 20180107 THE GOAL To create an environment where REVA has done everything possible to ensure the safety and well-being of our employees in the workplace, and where the employees are confident in our plan. THE CHALLENGE Discerning between a system that works smoothly to maintain workplace safety and employee satisfaction and … Read More

REVA Safety News – October 2016

REVA established a top-down commitment from management and a personal commitment from all employees to achieve safety performance goals. WHEN DID REVA’S SMS BEGIN? REVA’s SMS (Safety Management System) began in 2010 as the world saw the need to evolve safety into something that was more proactive and predictive. In 2012 REVA began expansion and realized the need for a … Read More

REVA Air Ambulance Practice Drill Boosts Community Coordination

Air Ambulance Community Emergency Drill

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. –– Practice situation: at 9:15 a.m. on a sunny Saturday morning in July, REVA Air Ambulance’s Emergency Operations received a Level 3 alert from the FXE Air Control Tower: An incoming Lear Jet on final approach had collided with a helicopter on Runway 13 of Fort Lauderdale Executive Airport. Fortunately, the accident was no accident: It was … Read More

REVA Safety News – September 2016

Safety is a state of relative risk of harm and not an absolute. This risk must be reduced and maintained at the ‘acceptable level’. Official PDF: REVA Air Ambulance – Safety News – September 2016 What does safety mean to REVA? For all of us here at REVA, our first priority is the safety and security of our employees and … Read More

REVA, Inc.’s, Safety and Professionalism Recognized by AAMS 2014 Award of Excellence

NASHVILLE, Tennessee – Recognizing excellence in patient care, transportation, professionalism, and leadership, the top professional association in the air medical transportation industry this week singled out the REVA Inc. jet ambulance fleet and staff for its 2014 Fixed-Wing Award of Excellence, based in part on REVA’s extraordinary safety and community service record. The Association of Air Medical Services bestowed its … Read More

Human Patient Simulators Provide Advanced Training for REVA, Inc., Air Ambulance Medical Staff

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. – At REVA, Inc., everything we do deals with human lives and we take our safety program, compliance and performance very seriously. As such, our commitment to advanced training programs plays a pivotal role in the ongoing success of our employee development. Every medical professional at REVA has recently undergone extensive additional medical education and training with … Read More