December 5th, 2016 |

REVA, Inc. Names Spizale Chief Sales Officer

Fort Lauderdale, Fla. –  When Philip C. Spizale was named Chief Sales Officer of REVA in September, he knew exactly his first priority for the company. “It’s to confirm we know our customers beyond the surface,” he said.  “Do we understand client needs and expectations to the extent that we can customize service delivery in a meaningful way to our client base?  This is extremely important to the way we present our service offering to the marketplace.”

As chief sales officer, Spizale is responsible for REVA’s companywide sales and account management effort. Organizational sales strategy and channel development also are part of his responsibilities.

REVA is the largest fixed-wing air-ambulance service in the Western Hemisphere, and Spizale came to the company with a wealth of experience in urgent health care. He held positions of Vice President of National Sales, Vice President of Channel Sales and Zone Vice President with Concentra Medical Centers, the nation’s largest urgent care and occupational medical center care delivery system. Spizale spent 21 years in various roles within Concentra’s sales and marketing group.   That experience and his proven success were major factors in REVA’s tapping him for a key role in the company.

“Philip brings to REVA’s management team a firm grasp of market strategy in the health-care industry and a successful track record, as well as strong leadership skills,” said Stuart Hayman, Chief Executive Officer of REVA. “It’s a good fit.”

REVA serves customers from operation centers in Schenectady, NY; Phoenix, AZ; San Juan, PR; and Fort Lauderdale, FL, its headquarters.

“We provide medical care to people who need it most. Many times, it’s critical-care delivery of the most urgent state,” Spizale said.  “We simply deliver that care on an airplane, in flight.  Understanding the service delivery component and how important it is to maintain the highest levels of patient care will be a key factor in our continued success.”

Spizale earned his M.B.A at Webster University in St. Louis and holds a bachelor’s degree in communications from Loyola University in New Orleans.