Best International Hospitals in the World

Unexpected illness and injury can occur even when traveling abroad, so be sure to make a plan for these instances. Some of the best hospitals in the world are located outside of the United States and accept international patients.

Before traveling, make sure you have insurance to cover international care and know which hospitals welcome international patients. It’s also important to remember that you can arrange medical evacuation if you need to return home for medical treatment or recover after an illness or surgery.

What to Know About International Hospitals

Before traveling to another country, be sure to identify where hospitals are located and which hospitals provide the best care. Emergencies, illnesses and injuries can occur while traveling or visiting another country, so it’s important to locate American hospitals abroad and international private hospitals that treat international patients.

Some countries offer modern, cutting-edge treatments based on the latest research, while other countries may lack newer medications and technology. However, no matter where you travel, it is possible to receive quality healthcare from some of the best international hospitals. Before you visit a country, consider the following:


Different countries have different insurance requirements for both national and international patients. Some countries require all patients to have insurance, and other countries offer free public healthcare for citizens but require international patients to have insurance. Many hospitals will provide emergency care to patients without insurance, but the out-of-pocket cost can be very expensive.

Some countries, including Cuba, will not allow international visitors to leave the country until they pay their medical debts, and Cuba does not accept international debit and credit cards, so cash is required to pay out-of-pocket fees. At many international hospitals, you may have to pay your hospital bill up-front and receive reimbursement from your insurance company upon returning home.

Before visiting a country, check which insurance that country’s hospitals will accept and which services your insurance will cover. Many insurance companies will cover most services at international hospitals, but they don’t often cover medical evacuation if you should need to return home. International medical treatment can be unreliable in some countries, and having a medical evacuation option can help you return to the United States to see your doctor back home.

In some instances, it may be best to purchase traveler’s insurance if your insurance company doesn’t cover international healthcare costs or you don’t have insurance. Add medical evacuation coverage to your insurance plan if it is not already included so you can have peace of mind while traveling abroad.

Quality of Care

Before traveling abroad, research which hospitals have a reputation for the latest medicine, technology, research and care. Not all hospitals provide the same quality of care, and some countries have many hospitals with outdated infrastructure and a lack of necessary medicines and medical devices. It’s important to locate high-quality hospitals in the area where you will be traveling so you can receive the best care possible. In some countries, you may need to visit an expat hospital to speak with an English-speaking doctor or medical staff.

In some instances, you may need to travel back home to receive necessary treatment when international care is unreliable. Seeing a doctor you trust or being treated at a reputable hospital can give you peace of mind, so learn which international hospitals offer quality care and have the option for medical evacuation should you need it.

Best International Hospitals

Find an expatriate hospital that accepts international patients near your intended travel destination in case any unexpected injuries or illnesses occur. Before traveling, consider the quality of medical care in the following countries:

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Before visiting another country, be sure to prepare for emergencies should they arise. If you find yourself requiring medical attention while traveling without a good plan in place, you may struggle to locate quality American hospitals overseas. While many countries have some of the best international hospitals, you may still find yourself needing medical attention from home.

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