15 Best Fall Destinations in Europe

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Visiting Europe in the fall is an unforgettable experience. Several destinations offer splendid views, cool weather and fantastic activities. Whether you peruse endearing cities or explore the wild countryside, you will have a phenomenal time in Europe during autumn.

Why Travel to Europe in the Fall?

Fall in Europe is magnificent. While Europe always offers awe-inspiring views, it becomes even more incredible during the autumn season. You can stroll down charming streets, explore the peaceful countryside, attend traditional festivals, hike to unbelievable viewpoints and enjoy warm food in cozy pubs. Autumn is the perfect time to visit Europe because it frees you from bustling tourist crowds and allows you to travel comfortably in ideal temperatures.

15 Best Fall Destinations in Europe

Consider the following locations and travel to some of the best places in Europe in the fall.

1. Grindelwald, Switzerland

Grindelwald, Switzerland, is magical year-round but especially spectacular in the fall. Ride the gondola to Grindelwald First and walk the First Cliff Walk or ride mountain carts down a scenic path for an exhilarating experience. Grindelwald is full of adventure and gorgeous colors during the autumn months.

2. Bavaria, Germany

Bavaria, Germany, is home to beautiful Alpine forests with gorgeous hues in autumn. Visiting Bavaria in the fall is the perfect opportunity to hike in the Alps, attend wine and beer festivals, ride in a horse-drawn carriage or explore the following castles:

  • Nuremberg Castle
  • Burghausen Castle
  • Linderhof Palace
  • Neuschwanstein Castle

3. Ludwigsburg, Germany

Ludwigsburg, Germany, is one of the best places in Europe to visit in October. This delightful city transforms into a pumpkin utopia as it hosts the world’s largest pumpkin festival. Enjoy pumpkin boat races and marvel at unique pumpkin statues while taking in the area’s fall foliage. You can also carve pumpkins on the spot, sample some pumpkin soup or smash pumpkins for fun. After experiencing this exciting event, you can venture to other parts of the city and explore some castles.

4. Munich, Germany

Munich is another top place to go in Europe, especially in late September. Travel to Munich to experience Germany’s famous Oktoberfest, the world’s largest and oldest beer festival. Visit a beer tent to enjoy a refreshing pint, lively music and a vibrant atmosphere. Oktoberfest also features exciting attractions, rides and souvenirs for all ages.

5. Transylvania, Romania

Transylvania, Romania, is a hauntingly beautiful location in the fall, especially if you are a fan of Halloween. This region is full of medieval towns surrounded by gorgeous mountains, and it’s home to the Gothic fortress that was Bram Stoker’s inspiration for Dracula’s castle. Explore castles and enjoy misty moonlit evenings in this moody and romantic region.

6. Hallstatt, Austria

Hallstatt is a small town in Austria outside of Salzburg. This quaint area is home to charming alpine homes and offers a serene lake view against a backdrop of breathtaking mountains. It is also close to Salzburg, the original inspiration and filming location for “The Sound of Music”.

7. Piedmont, Italy

Autumn is the ideal time to enjoy food and wine in Italy’s countryside. Fall is vineyard harvest time in Italy, so you can visit the local wineries to sample the area’s best flavors while enjoying unbelievable Alpine views. You can also attend festivals celebrating foods such as chestnuts, mushrooms, chocolate and truffles

8. Rome, Italy

Explore Rome and nearby Pompeii without enduring summer’s scorching temperatures and bustling crowds. Visiting the Colosseum, Pantheon and the Vatican are much more enjoyable in pleasant weather and thin crowds. The Pantheon is a spectacular sight when it rains because the oculus in the ceiling allows water to flow through, so a rainy fall day is a perfect time to experience it.

Make sure you also explore Pompeii’s ruins while visiting this part of Italy. The cooler temperatures make it easier to spend an entire day taking in all that this site offers. Learn about Pompeii’s history and the infamous Mount Vesuvius eruption that buried the city in 79 A.D. The pleasant weather also provides the perfect opportunity to hike Mount Vesuvius, making for an unforgettable trip.

9. Ibiza, Spain

Ibiza is a well-known summer party destination with white sand beaches, an exuberant atmosphere and some of the world’s best DJs. In the fall, it’s just as exhilarating but with less tourists. Visiting in the fall allows you to relax on less-crowded beaches and dance the night away in the best clubs.

10. Zillertal, Austria

Zillertal, Austria, offers various opportunities for cold and warm-weather excitement. You can enjoy year-round skiing at the Hintertux Glacier or hike some mountain trails for breathtaking autumn views. Zillertal also features festive cattle drives where you can enjoy farmer’s markets, folk music, live bands and an opportunity to witness the area’s farmers lead their whimsically decorated cows down from the mountains into the valley.

10. Edinburgh, Scotland

Witness the colorful foliage in the parks and along the streets surrounding Edinburgh Castle in Scotland. Another stunning autumn sight in this area is the Liberton Kirk’s ivy. This historic place of worship’s outer walls feature elegant ivy that turns from green to red in the fall.

11. Perthshire, Scotland

Perthshire, Scotland, is one of the most stunning fall destinations if you enjoy the autumn foliage. Locals and tourists favor the following spots for viewing gorgeous fall hues:

  • Around the waterfalls at the Deil’s Cauldron amphitheater
  • Along the River Garry in Killiecrankie
  • Linn of Tummel woodland
  • The Hermitage woodlands

12. Bruges, Belgium

Step back in time in Bruges, Belgium. Gorgeous shades of gold and crimson cover this medieval city during the fall months. Stroll along the canals and explore the historic buildings while indulging in some of the area’s famous chocolate and enjoying the crisp, pleasant weather.

13. Ghent, Belgium

Strolling along the river or visiting castles in Ghent will make you feel like you stepped into a fairy tale. You can take in the spectacular sights, enjoy some shopping, explore museums and try some delicious warm drinks or a candlelit dinner.

14. Wicklow, Ireland

Beautiful golden hues speckle the Wicklow Mountains in autumn, making one of Ireland’s most stunning landscapes even more incredible. Hike to peaceful waterfalls and explore the historic 6th-century monastic site known as Glendalough. Even rainy days are pleasant in Ireland because you can sit in cozy pubs enjoying shepherd’s pie, traditional Irish stew or bangers and mash with a pint of Guinness. While in the Wicklow Mountains, you can also learn about Irish farming traditions and visit an authentic sheep farm for a sheepdog demonstration.

15. Connemara, Ireland

Connemara is another enchanting fall location. Walk or bike through lush, green mountains and valleys while meandering around the free-ranging sheep to truly experience Ireland’s countryside. You can also venture to Kylemore Abbey and explore a breathtaking castle nestled in the region’s peaceful mountains and overlooking a serene lake.

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