Best Yachting Destinations

Whether you want to explore the ocean close to home or travel to other countries, yachting is a fun experience for everyone. You can see breathtaking views wherever you travel. Considering going somewhere new when planning your next yacht trip but don’t know where to go? Here are some of the best places to go yachting around the world.

5 Must-See Yacht Charter Destinations

Travel the world with your yacht to some of the most exciting and beautiful countries. Whether you seek relaxation and tranquility or adventure and adrenaline, you can explore these destinations.

1. Croatian Islands

Take a yacht to visit the quiet, charming towns in the Croatian Islands. The Hvar and Korčula islands have unique medieval architecture and Renaissance and Gothic cathedrals. You can also eat with beautiful views at waterfront restaurants. If you want to stay on the peninsula, consider visiting Rovinj. The Croatian fishing port is a must-see for travelers. You can explore the narrow streets full of art galleries, chic boutiques, wine bars and more.

Chartered yachts can often access secluded beaches and uninhabited islands free of tourists.

2. Fiji

Travel to Fiji when you want to sail on vibrant aquamarine water. A chartered yacht can take you to the many Fijian Islands inaccessible to tourism because of their remoteness. Snorkel, swim, surf in beautiful waters and relax on white sand beaches. You could also visit the Vidawa Forest to walk on the nature trails and catch glimpses of the region’s unique wildlife.

3. Norway

If you want to see beautiful mountain landscapes and visit charming fishing villages, consider yachting in Norway. A private, chartered yacht can take you through the maze of islands in Norway. For the more ambitious travelers, take a yacht north to venture through the Norwegian fjords. You can hike through the beautiful mountains, visit the small fishing villages on the coast and watch dramatic waterfalls.

4. Indonesia

Visit the world’s largest archipelago by yachting in Indonesia. With more than 17,000 islands, you have plenty of opportunities to see some of the most beautiful landscapes on land and sea. Many yacht charters allow travelers to visit secluded retreats and dive spots.

Take a trip to Bali to go scuba diving and snorkeling or hike through the West Bali National Park for a chance to spot an exotic white Bali Starling. You could also visit Sumba Island to catch some waves while surfing.

5. Italy

The Italian coast offers much to see and do while yachting. You can take advantage of the dining, shopping and nightlife on land, then retreat to the water when you want to get away from the city’s bustle. Sail to Capri, Sicily or the Aeolian Islands to hang out at the top beach clubs or find secluded coves to swim in with your family or friends.

You and your travel companions can enjoy swimming, snorkeling, jet skiing, shopping and more while yachting off the coast of Italy.

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